The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
230 St. Louis Directory. THO-TIM
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Thornburgh, Robert, painter , Biddle wwest of Sixteenth
Thornburn, Benjamin, pilot , 119ssouth Fourth
Thornton, Richard, baker , 179 Green
Thornton, John, corcorner Sixth and Labadie
Thornton, John F., [T. & T. ] 151ssouth Fourth
Thorburn, John, tree planter , 108 Olive
Thorp, George, engraver , 55 Olive
Thorp, William, tailor , 59 Washington avavenue
Thorp, Stokes, hides and peltry, 7ssouth Front, resresidence corcorner Fifteenth
[and Market
Thorp, William, blacksmith , 223 Carr
Throckmorton, Joseph, corcorner Locust and Ninth
Thurman, Thomas, riverman , Benton near Second
Thwihaus, Henry, 138 nnorth Fifth
Thwing, Henry, 108 Wash
Tice, John H., clerk Board of Delegates , 13 Wash
Tice, Jacob, brickmaker , corcorner Ninth and Hempstead
Tiemann, John H., laborer , alley on Carrbetbetween Eighth and Ninth
Tienmier, William, lab’r. , alley on Morgan b Eighth and Ninth
Tiernan, Nicholas, wagon maker , Green b Seventh and Eighth,
resresidence 146 nnorth Seventh
Tiernan, Peter, measurer , 305ssouth Fifth
Tiernan, Charles, 193 Green
Tiernenstien, Samuel, coppersmith , 33ssouth Second
Tiernenstien, Christiana, milliner , 31ssouth Second
Tieper, Henry, shoemaker , Broadway near Palm
Ties, Francis, teamster , Twelfth near Wash
Tiff, John, mate , 211 nnorth Twelfth
Tiffany, P.Dexter, [S., T. & S. ] corcorner Fifth and Olive
Tiffin & Vogdes , sash and door makers, cor Carr and Collins
Tiffin, Harrison, (T. & V. ) Collins nnorth of Cherry
Tighe, William, corcorner Sixth and Labadie
Tilden & Dwyer , coppersmiths and tinners, 119 nnorth First
Tilden, Richard S., (T. & D. ) corcorner Eighth and Chesnut
Tilden, John, (D., T. & R. ) 236 Locust
Tilford, Samuel, upholsterer , 40 nnorth Second
Tilford, Charles, upholsterer , 40 nnorth Second
Tilghman, Edward S., clerk , 2 nnorth First
Tillman, Charles, wholesale grocer , 22 Commercial
Tillman, John, 71 nnorth Fifth
Tillson, Charles H., attorney , 50 Pine
Tilton, Durban N., 22ssouth Tenth
Timberlake, William H., 151 Spruce
Timermister, Frederick, baker , corcorner Ninth and Madison
Timmer, Henry, laborer , Seventh betbetween Carr and Biddle
Timmer, E. H., tailor , Seventh betbetween Rutger and Hickory
Timmermann, Henry, cartman , Seventh near Rutger
Timmermann, Jeremiah G., grocer , 72ssouth Fifth