The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
232 St. Louis Directory. TOP-TRU
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Topping, John S., clerk , 147 nnorth First
Tops, Henry, laborer , 288ssouth Fifth
Torvel, Charles, laborer , 317ssouth Fifth
Torway, Frederick, laborer , 229 nnorth Seventh
Tosen, Charles, carpenter , Ninth near O’Fallon
Townsend, James B., judge of Criminal Court , 25 Chesnut
Townsend, Benjamin F., wire worker , 144 nnorth Second
Townsend, Beson, wire worker , 212 nnorth Eleventh
Townsend, Isaiah, s b clerk , 227 Franklin avavenue
Townsend, Joseph T., clerk , 25 Market
Toy, Daniel O., shoemaker , Bates near Lewis
Tracy, Edward, 12ssouth Fifth
Tracy, T. E., game depot , corcorner Market and Second
Tracy, Charles F., merchant , 140 Spruce
Tracy, Charles, 12ssouth Fifth
Traer, Peter, laborer , Carr near Ninth
Trainer, Patrick, soda factory , Fourth near South Market
Trainer, Bartholomew, (Q. & T.) Morgan wwest of Ninth
Trainer, Michael, 91 Green
Trammch, Asa, laborer , First near Howard
Tranter, John, laborer , alley betbetween Marion and Rosatti
Trask, George, corcorner Eighth and Green
Treacy, James, 130 Green
Treadway, Harvey J., 254 nnorth Second
Treat, Samuel, editor of St. Louis Union , Olive betbetween Tenth and
Trefton, Lysander, moulder , Third near Poplar
Treis, Lawrence, cartman , 354ssouth Fifth
Trel, William, laborer , Second near Cherry
Trenberger, Joseph, carpenter , 74ssouth Sixth
Tressel, Charles, tailor , 116ssouth Second
Tribbe, John, porter , 151 nnorth First
Tribbe, Louis, 216 nnorth Sixth
Triplett & Herpse , undertakers, 191 nnorth Sixth
Triplett, L., (T. & H.) 71 Pine
Trisa, Christopher, laborer , 6 Poplar
Trittenburgh, Francis, corcorner Fifteenth and Franklin avavenue
Troll, Inglebert, shoemaker , 116 Almond
Tronelat, John, 41 Washington avavenue
Troop, Robert, laborer , 6 Poplar
Trotman, Martins, laborer , Smith near First
Trotter, John, riverman , Brooklyn near Eleventh
Trouette, Hypolite, clerk , 100 nnorth First, resresidence 45 nnorth Fifth
Trowbridge & Priest , com.commission and forwarding merchants, 2 Pine
Trowbridge, George, [T. & P.] 2 Pine
Trustorf, William, carpenter , 45ssouth Third
Trudeau, John M. T., M. D. , 130 nnorth Second