The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
38 St. Louis Directory. BOW-BRA
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Bowman, Samuel M., attorney , corcorner Third and Pine
Bowmill, Frederick, clerk , corcorner Fourteenth and Clark avavenue
Boyce, Wm.William H., s b agent , 3 Green, resresidence Sixth, betbetween Morgan and
Franklin avavenue
Boyce, S. H., clerk , 3 Green
Boyce, Patrick, boarding house , 96 Morgan
Boyce, Nathaniel, collier , resresidence 149 nnorth Fifth
Boyce, George, moulder , resresidence 56ssouth Seventh
Boyd, Alexander, s b steward , resresidence 67 St. Charles
Boyd, Thomas, laborer , resresidence 263 nnorth Second
Boyd, Archibald, boatman , resresidence 321 nnorth Seventh
Boyd, James M., hair dresser , 31 Green
Boyd, John M., scale manufacturer , 62 nnorth Second
Boyden, Julia A., widow, boarding house , 106 Market
Boyer, James, student, 120 nnorth Third, resresidence Tenth betbetween Wash and
Boyer, J. J., clerk , 192 Broadway, resresidence York House
Boylan, Thomas, Old House, 84ssouth Second
Boyle, Cornelius, grocer , 209 Broadway, resresidence 188 nnorth Fourth
Boyle, James, carpenter , resresidence Centre, near Market
Boyle, Daniel, laborer , resresidence Tenth and Warren
Boyle, Hugh, draper & tailor , 90 nnorth First
Bracht, Gastoph, finisher , resresidence corner Third and Lombard
Brackman, Chs, laborer , res Wash, betbetween Tenth and Eleventh
Bradford, John, resresidence 221 nnorth Seventh
Bradford, D. T., M. D. , 40 Pine
Bradford , A., hatter , 131 nnorth First, resresidence Seventh, betbetween Wash and
Franklin avavenue
Bradford, George A., clerk , 62 nnorth First
Bradley, Jane, widow, resresidence 274 nnorth First
Bradley, Henry, resresidence 141 Green
Bradshaw, John, bricklayer , resresidence Franklin avavenue , betbetween Eighth and
Brady, Charles, brewer , 86 nnorth Third
Brady, James, hatter , Centre near Clark avavenue
Brady, Terrence, tavern , corcorner Fifth and Morgan
Brady, Mrs. Allen, widow, residence Morgan, betbetween Sixteenth and
Brady, Horace D., (T. & B.) resresidence Walnut, betbetween Fifth and Sixth
Brady, John, boatman , residence corcorner Broadway and Jefferson
Bragg, A. G., patent pill manufacturer , 83 Market
Bragg, John H., boatman , resresidence 189 nnorth Seventh
Bragg, Nathan F., tailor , Gay betbetween Sixteenth and Seventeenth
Brakclhaupt, Valentine, baker , Park avavenue , betbetween Seventh and
Brammer, John, attorney , corcorner Third and Pine
Branagan, Wm.William, collector Fifth Ward , resresidence 99 Franklin avavenue