The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
St. Louis Directory. 237 VRO-WAK
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Vrooman, Peter C., shoemaker , 154 nnorth Eighth
Vundali, Frederick, tailor , 311ssouth Fifth
Wachner, Nicholas, Clark avavenue wwest of Fourteenth
Wachsmert, J. F., portrait painter , 66 Market
Wachtl, Adolp, laborer , Seventh nnorth of Park avavenue
Wack, Francis, barkeeper , 155ssouth Second
Wackner, Henry, tailor , Fourteenth near Carr
Waddingham, William, corcorner Mullanphy and First
WaddinghamWilliam, Jr., clerk 258 First
Waddle, John, laborer , Eleventh near Florida
Wade, Hamilton, clerk , 140 nnorth First
Wade, Dedrick, shoemaker , First near Howard
Wade & Stillé , wholesale grocers and commission merchants,
corcorner of Olive and Commercial
Wade, William, [W. & S.] Chesnut betbetween Seventh and Eighth
Wadsworth, James, sack maker , 151 Washington avavenue
Wæchler, Louis, lock and gunsmith , 144 Franklin avavenue
Wagg, Joseph, barber , 96 Green, resresidence Morgan b Fifth and Sixth
Wagner, Joseph B., engineer , 142 Franklin avavenue
Wagner, Henry C., 258 Morgan
Wagner, Henry, carpenter , Pine wwest of Fifteenth
Wagner, Frank, laborer , 224 Carondelet
Wagner, Adam, laborer , Sixth near Hickory
Wagner, Abrad, collar maker , Sixthssouth of Hickory
Wagner, Philip, bricklayer , Hickory betbetween Sixth and Seventh
Wagner, Louis, cabinet maker , 233ssouth Second
Wagner, William, coffee house , 90ssouth Second
Wagner, Hannah B., widow, 313ssouth Fifth
Wagner, Nicholas, butcher , corcorner Columbus and Picotte
Wagner, Conrad, tailor , 8 Green
Wagner, H. K., carpenter , 61 Olive
Wagner, Nicholas, shoemaker , Jacksonssouth of Carroll
Wagner, Francis S., cooper , 53ssouth Second
Wagner, William, clothier , 175 nnorth Third
Wahlien, Anna, widow, 5 and 7ssouth Second
Wahmcook, Joachim, drayman , Easton near Victory
Wahmh off, Frederick, stone cutter , Eleventh nnorth of Biddle
Waim, M. W., house furnishing store , 21 Market
Wainwright, William, 124 Locust
Wainwright E. & S. , Fulton Brewery, 28 Almond
Wainwright, Ellis, [E. & S. W.] corcorner Almond and First
Wainwright, Samuel, (E. & S. W.) Firstssouth of Almond
Waispach, Conrad, watchman , corcorner Carroll and Jackson
Waite, Joseph, pressman , 16 Chesnut
Waite, L., miniature painter , 134 Market
Wake, Alfred, soda factor , Miller near Columbus