The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
244 St. Louis Directory. WET-WHI
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Wetzel, F. Z., clerk , 28 nnorth First
Wetzel, John, painter , Columbus near Emmet
Wetzel, Philip, cooper , Columbusssouth of Soulard
Wetzel, Charles, hardware , 191ssouth Second
Weyer, Louis, cupping and hair dressing , 162 nnorth Fourth
Weyler, George, basket maker , Victory eeast of Jackson
Weyngot, Charles, blacksmith , 110 Washington avavenue
Whaland, John, carpenter , alley betbetween Rutger and Park avavenue
Whaler, Edwin, barkeeper , 95 Morgan
Whalley, Christopher, Fifthssouth of Wash
Wheeling, John, 8 St. Charles
Wheatler, Alexander, 289ssouth Third
Wheatley, Samuel, 68 nnorth Fifth
Wheelen, Thomas, soda factors , corcorner Thirteenth and Orange
Wheelen, David, soda factors , corcorner Thirteenth and Orange
Wheelen, Michael, corcorner Fourteenth and Morgan
Wheeler, WilliamRev.Reverend , corcorner Biddle and Sixth
Wheeler David T. & Co. , exchange brokers, 23 Vine
Wheeler, John, tailor , 9 Morgan
Wheeler, W. D., moulder , alley on Biddle wwest of Eighth
Wheeley, James, tailor , rear of 134 Green
Wheelock, Cyrus, Barlow betbetween Orchard and Gratiot
White, Thomas H., barkeeper , 7 Morgan
White, William N., dry goods , 72 Market
White & Tooley , traders, 104 Locust
White, James, 5 Orange
White, David M., second hand furniture , 33 Locust
WhiteJoseph, jr., (P. & W.) 127 nnorth Third
White J. H. & Co. , lumber merchants, 123 nnorth Third, resresidence Sixth
nnorth of Biddle
White, William W., (K. & W.) Planters’ House
White, William S., M. D. , 120 nnorth Third
White, David, carpenter , First near Howard
White, Thomas, M. D. corcorner Broadway and Benton
White, William, carpenter , 217 Carr
White, James H., corcorner Fifteenth and Morgan
White, Robert, clerk , corcorner Fifteenth and Morgan
White, Henry, laborer , 187 Wash
White, William, pilot , 34 Gay
White, ——, moulder , Seventeenth nnorth of Franklin avavenue
White, ——, bricklayer , 176 nnorth Sixth
White, Nicholas, slater , Chesnut wwest of Fifteenth
White, Jackson, butcher , Fourteenthssouth of Market
White, Prescott, boarding house , Fifth near Carr
White, James M., saddler , 51ssouth Fourth
White, John P., butcher , Randolph wwest of Twelfth
White, Elizabeth, widow, corcorner Jackson and Victory