The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
St. Louis Directory. 245 WHI-WHI
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White, Sebastian, teamster , corcorner Columbus and Lami
White, Samuel, moulder , corcorner Seventeenth and Wash
White, J. M., writing teacher , 259 Broadway
White & Co , , pump and engine makers, corcorner Third and Pine
White, Washington J., (W. & Co.) Orchard wwest of Tenth
White, Shelton, carpenter , Seventh nnorth of Park avavenue
White, Sophia, widow, near City Hospital
White, Isaac, butchers , near City Hospital
White, George, butchers , near City Hospital
White, Leonard, carpenter , Menardssouth of Park avavenue
White, William, butcher , Austin wwest of Twelfth
White, Thomas J., M. D. , 120 nnorth Third
White, Henry, pilot , Labeaume near Tenth
White, Charles F., foreman , 232 Broadway
White, Edward C., clerk , 48 Market
White, J. W., hydraulics , 60 Pine
Wliite, Jane, hair manufacturer , 36 nnorth Second
Whitehill & Rowe , lumber merchants, corcorner Fourth and Locust
Whitehill, John, (W. & R.) 156 nnorth Fourth
Whitehill, William B., carpenter , 314 Morgan
Whitehouse, David, tailor , 60 Chesnut
Whiteman, Henry, shoemaker , corcorner Gay and Fifteenth
Whiteman, Philip, saddletree maker , 108ssouth Sixth
Whitemore, Ephraim, pattern maker , 160ssouth Third
Whiteside, Harvey, 272 nnorth Sixth
Whiting, Richard H., (A. & W.) 29 nnorth Sixth
Whiting, William S., (R. & Co.) 14 nnorth First
Whiting, Abijah, Chesnut wwest of Seventh
Whiting, John, carpenter , Fifth near Mullanphy
Whitlocke, Margaret A., widow, 40 Spruce
Whitman, Joseph P., 96 nnorth Sixth
Whitmer, Mrs., beer house , Second near Almond
Wliitmore, Henry, Nonantum Mills , Fourthssouth of Hazel
Whitmore, Horace, wholesale hats and caps , 143 nnorth First
Whitmore, R. B., clerk , 143 nnorth First
Whitmore, Noah H., armorer at the Arsenal
Whitmore, Charles, (W. & Co.) Pine wwest of Fourteenth
Whitmore C. & Co. , levee brokers, 17 Commercial
Whitmore, Benjamin F., paper hanger , 265 nnorth Eleventh
Whitmore, Joseph, ship carpenter , Lewis near Dry Dock
Whitney, D., boarding house , Broadway nnorth of Green
Whitney, Jonas, carpenter , near City Hospital
Whitney, Robert S., clerk , 78 nnorth First
Whiton, J. S., printer , 16 Chesnut
Whittaker, ——, engineer , 269 nnorth Eighth
Whittelsey, Charles C., [P. & W.] 36 Chesnut
Whittle, Michael, laborer , Fifth near Florida