The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
246 St. Louis Directory. WHI-WIL
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Whittle, Thomas, 81 nnorth Sixth
Whittle, Edward, 81 nnorth Sixth
Whrig, P., shoemaker , 21½ Washington avavenue
Wickel, Harrison, Fourteenth near Carr
Wickel, John, shoemaker , Fourteenth near Carr
Wickel, Lemuel, shoemaker , Eleventh near Florida
Wicker, Henry, shoemaker , 99 nnorth Third
Wickersham, Ambrose, Main Street House, 11 nnorth First
Wickersham, Josiah, pawn broker , 24 Locust
Wickersham, Wesley H., medical student , 32 nnorth Fourth
Wickersham, Isaac, livery stable , corcorner Broadway and Warren
Wickham, John, attorney , 64 Chesnut
Widemayer, Joseph, tailor , 310ssouth Fifth
Widgery, John, clerk , 89 Chesnut
Widmire, Cornelius, saddler , South Market Tavern
Wiebe, August, M. D. , 154 nnorth Eighth
Wiener, John E., boarding house , 100 Green
Wiengart, Charles, forger , 87 Pine
Wier, Robert M., Mansion House, 129 nnorth Fourth
Wiggins, William C., 132 Walnut
Wiggins, Edward, [W. & Co.] 30 Walnut
Wiggins, Wilfred W., clerk , 266 Broadway
Wiggins, William, shoemaker , 225 Broadway
Wiggins, Lewis, book store , corcorner Broadway and Morgan
Wiggins S. B. & Co. , dry goods and groceries, 11 Market
Wiggins, Edward C., (W. & Co.) corcorner Sixth and Walnut
Wiggins, William, 173 nnorth Third
Wiggins, William, Broadway near Florida
Wiggins, Samuel B., [W. & Co.] 30 Elm
Wigginhorn, John, carpenter , Seventh nnorth of Park avavenue
Wigginton, Richard, laborer , Tenth near Wright
Wight, Charles, saddler , 232 Broadway, resresidence 125 Morgan
Wighting, Benjamin F., clerk , 147 nnorth First
Wigman, Charles H., blacksmith , Franklin avavenue betbetween 4th and 5th
Wilcox, I. B., 60 nnorth First
Wilcox, Harmer A., carpenter , resresidence Broadway near Biddle
Wilcox, Andrew, baker , 132 Carr
Wild, Richard, laborer , Eighth near O’Fallon
Wilder, George, 58ssouth Seventh
Wiles P. & M. , American House, corcorner Broadway and Spring
Wiles, Peter, [P. & M. W.] corcorner Broadway and Spring
Wiles, Michael, [P. & M. W.] corcorner Broadway and Spring
Wiles, Benjamin, ship carpenter , 271 nnorth Tenth
Wiley, John, basket maker , Victory eeast of Jackson
Wilgus & Watson , painters, 52 and 54 Pine
Wilgus, Asa, [W. & W.] 129 Olive.
Wilgus, Charles T., [W. & W.] 129 Olive.