The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
St. Louis Directory. 247 WIL-WIL
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Wilgus, James M., tinner , 61 Olive
Wilkenshoff, G., shoemaker , Seventhssouth of Hickory
Wilker, C. H., shoemaker , 104 Franklin avavenue
Wilkin, Henry, stone cutter , Eleventh nnorth of Biddle
Wilkin, W., laborer , cor Wash and Ninth
Wilkins, William, tailor , 88 Market, resresidence 279ssouth Third
Wilkins, Anthony, laborer , Decatur near Carroll
Wilkins, James F., artist , 23 Chesnut
Wilkins, John, 185 Morgan
Wilkinson, Mrs. Sarah, 12 nnorth Fifth
Wilkinson, George W., bricklayer , 87ssouth Third
Wilkinson, Nathaniel, tinner , 209 nnorth First, resresidence Third nnorth of Green
Wilkinson, Robert J., barber , 38 Vine
Willard, George W., Fifteenth betbetween Orange and Christy avavenue
Willet, William, cabinet maker , Broadway near Hempstead
Willie, James, riverman , corcorner Sixth and Myrtle
Willi, Samuel, merchant , 72 Chesnut, resresidence 17ssouth Third
Williams, Jackson D., 211 nnorth First
Williams & Bates , produce dealers, Commercial alley
Williams, John, [W. & B.] 160 Wash
Williams, Benjamin, tailor , 29 nnorth Fourth
Williams & Megee , investigators of titles, 90 Chesnut
Williams, Henry W., [W. & M.] 90 Chesnut
Williams, Willis L., attorney , 16 Olive, resresidence Olive betbetween Ninth
and Tenth
Williams, John, confectioner , 11 nnorth Second
Williams, David, clerk , 6 nnorth First
Williams, Joshua C., boarding house , 74 Vine
Williams, T., upholsterer , 64 Market
Williams, Owen C., carpenter , Ashley near First
Williams, Harman T., clerk , corcorner First and Smith
Williams, Davis, soda factor , corcorner Marion and Carondelet avavenue
Williams, S. E., (K. & W.) cor Carr and Eleventh
Williams, T. W., soda factor , corcorner Marion and Carondelet avavenue
Williams, Stephen, O’Fallon near Sixth
Williams, Adam, drayman , Carr near Seventeenth
Williams, Elias E., architect , 121 Chesnut
Williams, George, 16 nnorth Sixth
Williams, Evan, brick maker , corcorner Eleventh and Clark avavenue
Williams, Richard W., bricklayer , 338 Morgan
Williams, Jacob, bricklayer , 338 Morgan
Williams, Robert P., collector , 226 nnorth Fifth
Williams, Edward, 261 nnorth Seventh
Williams, John, (c.)riverman , 185 nnorth Seventh
Williams, Henry G., 49 St. Charles
Williams, Mrs. Susan, widow, 153 Washington avavenue
Williams, John F., ice dealer , Columbus near Victory