The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
248 St. Louis Directory. WIL-WIL
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Williams, John, mate , Carondelet avavenue near Lesperance
Williams, F., tavern , 39ssouth Front
Williams, John W., carpenter , Broadway near Spring
Williams, Isaac, carpenter , Hickory betbetween Sixth and Seventh
Williams, John, boat store , Commercial alley
Williams, Joseph, engineer , 80 Almond
Williams, Thomas, carpenter , 89ssouth First
Williams, Roger, drayman , alley on Carr w of Seventh
Williamson, Samuel, laborer , 206 nnorth Sixth
Williamson, Francis, 229 Green
Williamson Sarah Ann, widow, Sixth near Cerré
Williamson, Robert, 194ssouth Fourth
Williamson, John, pattern maker , corcorner Third and Mulberry
Williamson, Hugh, cartman , 285 nnorth Tenth
Williamson, Alexander, boarding house , 18 Market
Williamson, Peter, carpenter , Broadway near Chambers
Williamson, Anthony C., upholsterer , 126 nnorth Second
Williamson, F.R., upholsterer , 126 nnorth Second
Williamson, S.R., saddler , Walton House
Williamson, James B., clerk , 153 nnorth First
Willis, Stillman D., furniture wareroom , 81 Market
Willis, James, laborer , Clark avavenue betbetween Ninth and Tenth
Willis, Robert, Tenth betbetween Washington avavenue and St. Charles
Willman, Henry, laborer , Ninth nnorth of Franklin avavenue
Willmeyer, William, laborer , Mullanphy near Ninth
Willow, George, cor Carr and Tenth
Wilmon, Joseph, watchmaker , 89ssouth Second
Wilmon, Paul, beer house , 89ssouth Second
Wilmot, Elias, clerk , Carondelet avavenue near Lesperance
Wilmot, Elias, clerk , 148 nnorth Second
Wilshusen, Claus, Wilshusen House, 25 Morgan
Wilson, Lemuel, mate , corcorner Columbia and Broadway
Wilson, Thomas R., livery stable , Second near Myrtle
Wilson, John C., marble manufacturer , 91 Washington avavenue
Wilson, H.J., 97 Washington avavenue
Wilson, Jacob, riverman , 129 nnorth Fifth
Wilson, George, confectioner , 252 Morgan
Wilson, William, 249 Green
Wilson, Philip, carpenter , Morgan wwest of Sixteenth
Wilson, Thomas A., printer , 76 Spruce
Wilson, R.G., corcorner Morgan and Sixth
Wilson William 185 nnorth Sixth
Wilson, William C., clerk , corcorner Seventh and Franklin avavenue
“Wilson, John, fruit dealer , Columbia wwest of Broadway
Wilson, Joshua, cooper , DeKalb near Sidney
Wilson, William K., (W. & Bros.) Locust wwest of Eighth
Wilson, Philip, carpenter , cor Wash and Fifth