The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
St. Louis Directory. 249 WIL-WIN
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WilsonThomas, jr., barkeeper , 65ssouth Third
Wilson, John R., [P. & W.] 1 nnorth Front
Wilson & Bros. , imp. of hardware and cutlery, 97 nnorth First
Wilson, William K., [W. & Bros.] Locust near Ninth
Wilson, John H., clerk , 154 nnorth First, resresidence Washington avavenue betbetween
Fourth and Fifth
Wilson, W. K., [B. & W.] 106 nnorth Second
Wilson, Benjamin, riverman , Shortssouth of Wood
Wilson, A. C., 144 nnorth Second
Wilson, Thomas, 158 nnorth Second, resresidence corcorner Sixth and Morgan
Wrilson, John, grocer , corcorner Seventh and O’Fallon
Wilson, Robert T., clerk , 178 and 180 nnorth Third
Wilson P. & Co. , saddlery hardware, 30 nnorth First
Wilson, James, drayman , corcorner Fifteenth and Walnut
Wrilson, James A., barber , Warren near Second
Wilson, David, riverman , Bates near Lewis
Wilt, Louis, laborer , 91ssouth First
Wilty, Francis, carpenter , corcorner Tenth and Biddle
Wimer, George A., Morgan betbetween Fourteenth and Fifteenth
Wimer, Franklin, 176 Green
Wimer, John M., post master , 211 nnorth Fifth
Wimer, Margaret, widow, Menard near Emmet
Wimer, Charles F., [F. & W.] 75 nnorth Second
Wimer, Isaac N., clerk at post office
Winchell, Elias, clerk , 131 and 133 nnorth First
Winchell, Daniel, trader , corcorner Sixth and Wash
Winchell, ——, 154 nnorth Fourth
Wineland, Andrew, riverman , 177 Green
Wineland, John, laborer , First near Wright
Winhermer, John, chair maker , 95 Almond
Winhorst, John, teamster , Biddle near Thirteenth
Wink, Martin, laborer , 50ssouth Front
Wlnkelmaier, Louis, City Engineer , City Hall
Winkelmeyer, Julius, [S. & W.] Market wwest of Seventeenth
Winkelmeyer, Charles, beer house , 352ssouth Second
Winkham, Joseph, [M. & W.] Wash
Wrinkler, John, shoemaker , corcorner of Almond and Second
Wrinkler, John, shoemaker , Biddle near Eleventh
Winkley, Thomas, bricklayer , Tenthssouth of Market
Winkley, Daniel S., mate , Second near O’Fallon
Winkle, Henry, laborer , 274 Carr
Winkle, Frederick, laborer , 176 Carr
Winter, D. A., clockmaker , Carrbetbetween Eighth and Ninth
Winter, Jacob, shoemaker , 192 Market
Winters, John, riverman , Tenth near Carr
Winters, Jacob A., (F. & W.) City Hotel
Winters, Owen, laborer , Thirteenth nnorth of Poplar