The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
St. Louis Directory. 253 WRI-YOR
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Wright, Daniel T., (W. & Co.) Myrtle betbetween Fifth and Sixth
Wright, James C., (W. & Co.) Myrtle betbetween Fifth and Sixth
Wright, Mrs. Sarah, widow, corcorner Sixth and Spruce
Wright, John, carpenter , 103ssouth Sixth
Wright, Richard, painter , Ham nnorth of Hickory
Wright, Daniel, pilot , Franklin avavenue wwest of Seventeenth
Wright, Joseph, barkeeper , corcorner First and Green
Wright, W. S., tinner , 211 nnorth First
Wright, Joseph L., cordwainer , 8 Green
Wright, ——, cabinet maker , 53 Olive
Wright, Uriel, attorney , corcorner Pine and Third
Wright, William C., hoot and shoe store , 22 Market
Wright, Fleming, brickmaker , corcorner Labeaume and Ninth
Wulbemeyer, Henry, drayman , 254 nnorth Twelfth
Wulfing & Gildehaus , groceries and provisions, corcorner Market
and Seventeenth
Wumkes, William, barkeeper , 72 nnorth Third
Wundellin, Charles, shoemaker , 95 Poplar
Wurn, Casper, laborer , corcorner Emmet and Hamtramck
Wurth, Charles A., grocer , corcorner Menard and Marion
Wurtz, Charles T., distiller , Sidney wwest of Jackson
Wygant, M., druggist , 69 nnorth Second
Wyman, Edward, classical high school , Market opposite Court
Wyman, Nehemiah, 20ssouth Fourth
Wyman, Isaac, clerk , 9 Market
Wytie, Jacob, laborer , Eighth betbetween Wash and Carr
Xaupi, Edward J., dancing master , 60 Market
Xaupi, Franciscus, M. D. , 176 Walnut
Yahns, Henry, tailor , 274 nnorth Tenth
Yant, Jacob, cooper , Tenth opposite Elm
Yantis, John, carpenter , betbetween Fifth and Seventh near Park avavenue
Yarney, Louis, cordwainer , 130 nnorth First, resresidence 158 nnorth Sixth
Yates, John, moulder , 323 nnorth Seventh
Yates, Alexander, bar keeper , 178ssouth Second
Yates, William H., 14ssouth Seventh
Yeat, Oliver, clerk , 106 Locust, resresidence 175 nnorth Fifth
Yeatman, James E., merchant , 146 nnorth Second, resresidence 49 nnorth Fifth
Yeats, John W., plasterer , Centre near Market
Yoman, Thomas, laborer , 41ssouth First
Yœceckel, Christian, beer house , corcorner Ninth and Wash
Yohi, Benjamin, 261 nnorth Seventh
Yohst, M., laborer , alley on Washbetbetween Ninth and Tenth
Yontis, John C., carpenter , Jackson near Victory
Yore, Patrick, s b captain , 75 Walnut