The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
40 St. Louis Directory. BRE-BRO
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Bremner, Robert, machinist , resresidence Fulton near Soulard
Bremtrem, Edward, baker , 254 Thirteenth
Brennan, Hugh, book seller , corcorner Cherry and Broadway
Brenastre, C. H., (H. & Co. ) resresidence St. Charles betbetween Fifth and Sixth
Brenes, Hannah, widow, resresidence 295 nnorth Fifth
Breschon, Peter, cabinet maker , Carondelet avavenue near Marion
Brewer, Frederick, grocer , corcorner Eighth and Biddle
Brewer, Charles W. H., Franklin Brewery , alley on Market betbetween Sixteenth and Seventeenth
Brewer, Richard, alley on Market betbetween Sixteenth and Seventeenth
Brewer, Anthony, caulker , resresidence Fulton near Soulard
Brewington, Rufus, 193 Locust
Brewster, Charles, butcher , Victory near Carondelet
Brewster, Christian, tailor , corcorner Buel and Emmet
Brewster & Hart , builders, office 142 Locust
Brewster, Augustus, (B. & H. ) resresidence St. Charles betbetween 6th and 7th
Brewster, John, printer , 9 Chesnut
Brewster, Charles N., house painter , resresidence Broadway near Cham-
Brice, Nicholas J., crockery store , 250 Broadway
Brickett, George E., deputy recorder , Court House
Brickett, George E., clerk , resresidence Walton House
Bridge & Bros. , W. S. stove dealers, 158 nnorth First
Bridge, Hudson E., [B. & B. ] 158 nnorth First
Bridge, Harrison P., [B. & B. ] 158 nnorth First
Brierly, Thomas, pilot , resresidence 182 Market
Briggardi, Casper, resresidence 257 Mullanphy
Briggs, Blake, clerk , Centre and Clark avavenue
Briggs, Wm.William F., M. D. , corcorner Broadway and Brooklyn
Briggs & Jessup , builders, corcorner Ninth and St. Charles
Briggs, David C., [C. & B. ] boards 124 nnorth Fourth
Briggs, Mrs. Philinda, widow, resresidence nnorth Second near Warren
Brigham, Asa, resresidence 254 Market
Brindel, ——,pilot ,resresidence 154 Carr
Bringhurst, George C., clerk , corcorner Eighth and Locust
Brink, Bernard, carpenter , resresidence Alley betbetween Soulard and Carroll
Brinke, John, beer house , 230ssouth Second
Brinker, Mathias, tailor , 182 Market
Brinker, B. H., merchant , corcorner Broadway and Chambers
Brinkman, Casper, tailor , 92 Morgan
Brinkman, Henry, laborer , resresidence Jackson, betbetween Miller and Wood
Brinkman, Frank, coffee house and livery stable , s end Fifth
Brisinger, John, beer house , Eleventh near Biddle
Brison, Benjamin, gunsmith at Arsenal
Briton, Edward, tailor , 32 Spruce
Britt, J. P., botanic medicine store , 164 nnorth Fourth
Brock, William, moulder , 301 Broadway
Brockmeier, Adam, family grocer , 104 Morgan