The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
St. Louis Directory. 45 BUR-BUS
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Burke, Ulic, family grocer , Market near Sixteenth
Burke, Walter, watchman , Rutgers betbetween Eighth and Ninth
Burke, T. D., pattern maker , resresidence 37 Green
Burke, Timothy, resresidence 131 nnorth seventh
Burke, Richard, resresidence 131 nnorth seventh
Burke, T. P., merchant , resresidence Chouteau avavenue
Burke, John, [N. & Co.] resresidence Seventh betbetween Wash and Carr
Burke, John, pedlar , resresidence South Market Tavern
Burke, Thomas, clerk , 291ssouth Second
Burkley, William, clerk , 98 Poplar
Burlando, Francis, St. Vincent Theological Seminary
Burmingham, Michael, quarryman , resresidence corcorner Collins and O’Fal-
Burnett, George, butcher , resresidence Collins near Ashley
BurnettGeorge, jr., clerk , 134 nnorth Third
Burnham, Francis, s b captain , resresidence Fourteenth betbetween Market and
Clark avavenue
Burns, Peter, resresidence corcorner Pine and Eighth
Burns, Joseph, drayman , resresidence Mullanphy near Ninth
Burns, Robert, M. D. , resresidence 5 Convent
Burns, Miss Louisa, beer house , First nnorth Bates
Burns, William, O’Fallon Mill
Burns, James, cartman , resresidence Biddle near Tenth
Burns, William, laborer , resresidence Bates near Lewis
Burnt, Matthew, resresidence 96 Locust
Burret, F., daguerrean artist , room 66 Market
Burrowman, George, clerk , corcorner Fourth and Locust
Burrows, George, plasterer , resresidence Orange betbetween Sixteenth and Sev-
BurroughJames, jr., resresidence 157 Market
Burst, Nicholas, clerk , corcorner Barry and Carondelet avavenue
Burt, William E., pilot , resresidence 34 Collins
Burtis James K. and Joseph , hardware dealers, 111 nnorth First
Burtis, Joseph, resresidence 61 St. Charles
Burton & Daniels , dyers, 42 Chesnut
Burton, Thomas, [B. & D.] resresidence 42 Chesuut
Burton, Joseph, [M. & B.] resresidence 38ssouth First
Bury, Henry, barber , 47ssouth First
Bury, James C, painter , 103 Market, resresidence Spruce betbetween Fourth
and Fifth
Busby, James, blacksmith , corcorner Fifth and Gratiot
Busby, Thomas, blacksmith , resresidence corcorner Fifth and Gratiot
Buscartg, Bernard, wagoner , 249ssouth Third
Busch, George, brewer , 134ssouth Third
Buse, Christian, tailor , 221 nnorth Sixth
Buse, Edward, 91 Mulberry
Buse, Francis H., cigar manufacturer , 247ssouth Market