The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
St. Louis Directory. 19 ALB-ALL
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Albright, Anton, laborer , corcorner of Park avavenue and Hamtramck
Albright, Frederick, resresidence Ninth near Benton
Albus, George, carpenter , Biddle near Tenth
Albus, Peter, laborer , Fulton near Barry
Alcan, Eugene, cigar maker , 29 Spruce
Aljan, Eugene, cigar maker , 125ssouth Second
Aldrich, Nahum, resresidence corcorner of Ninth and Brooklyn
Aldrich, Levi, carpenter , Mullanphy near Ninth
Ales, Henry, collar maker , 24ssouth Second
Ales, William, resresidence 231 nnorth Twelfth
Alexander J. H. & Co. , commission merchants, 42 Front
Alexander, Joshua H., (J. H. A. & Co.) resresidence 107 nnorth Seventh
Alexander, Thomas W., clerk , 42 Front
Alexander, George W., draper and tailor , 29 Olive
Alexander, William A., attorney , 50 Chesnut
Alexander, Basil W., livery stable , 110 nnorth Second, and alley in
rear of Post Office, resresidence Fifth betbetween Olive and Pine
Alexander, Peter, carpenter , 148 Biddle
Alexander, William D., resresidence 218 nnorth Eighth
Alexandre, —, “Alexandre House,” corcorner of 2d and Chesnut
Alfmann, Mathias, laborer , 191 Wash
Alfordt, Frederick, well digger , 248 Twelfth
Alfred, John, resresidence corcorner of Eighth and Green
Alfred, Pliny, riverman , 159 Wash
Alkin, Charles, gunsmith , 69ssouth First
Allard, John, laborer , Second near Howard
Allbright, William, clerk , 230 Broadway
Allen, S. W., (L. & Co.) 17 Commercial
Allen, J. S., printer , 49 Locust up stairs, boards at Delta House
Allen, Edward, clerk , corcorner of Third and Olive
Allen, John, pilot , corcorner of Fourteenth and Franklin avavenue
Allen, Louis, clerk , 93 nnorth Third
Allen G. B. & Co. , prop’trs Bridge Saw Mills, near Gas Works
Allen, G. B., (G. B. & Co.) resresidence corcorner Fourth and Cerre
Allen, Isaac, hatter , 178 nnorth Eighth
Allen, William, riverman , Franklin avavenue betbetween Eighth and Ninth
Allen, David R., miller , Park Mills
Allen, Nathan D., family grocer , corcorner Fourteenth and Market
Allen, Thomas R., family grocer , corcorner Market and Fifteenth
Allen, Thomas, laborer , Dixon’s Saw Mill
AllenS., Mrs., widow, resresidence Green betbetween Seventh and Eighth
Allen, A. L., butcher , corcorner Market and Fifth
Allen, Judson, grocer , 226 Broadway, resresidence 179 Fifth
Allen, Bennett, clerk , 226 Broadway
Allen, John, drayman , resresidence 100ssouth Third
AllenM. R., Mrs., widow, resresidence 54 Fourth
Allen, Charles, resresidence 263 nnorth Seventh