The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
St. Louis Directory. 47 CAB-CAM
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Cabot, Joseph C., clerk , 156 nnorth Second, resresidence Planters’ House
Cabriac, Antoine, Ferry House, 8 Front
Cachelin, Joseph, bar room , 25ssouth First
Cadenbach, Joseph, cabinet maker , Broadway near Bachelors’
Cady, Cyril C., Secretary Mutual Insurance Co.Company , 122 nnorth Fourth
Caffarata, Jerome, Old Dominion Tavern, 76 nnorth Front
Caffarata, Louis, fruit store , 73 nnorth Fourth
Cahan, Patrick, laborer , res Carr near Sixteenth
Cahill, Daniel, laborer , resresidence Gay, betbetween Fifteenth and Sixteenth
Cahill, Anthony, moulder , 301 Broadway
Cailloux, Louis, laborer , resresidence Cerre near Sixth
Cain, H. A., [J. & C.] resresidence Vine betbetween Second and Third
Cajaaob, George, turner , resresidence Broadway near Benton
Caldwell, James, carpenter , resresidence corcorner Thirteenth and Olive
Cale, William, plasterer , resresidence corcorner Collins and O’Fallon
Calhoun, Norwell J., clerk 30 nnorth First, resresidence 128 nnorth Second
Calkins, Mary A., teacher , resresidence 89 nnorth Sixth
Callaghan, William, resresidence 95 St. Charles
Callahan, Michael, drayman , resresidence 83ssouth Third
Callahan, George W., attorney 50 nnorth Second
Callaway, John, plasterer , resresidence 40 Gay
Callenberg, Frank, drayman , 115 Wash
Callender, George H., resresidence 157 Market
Callier, N. N., Exchange, corcorner Pine and First
Calvert, John, trader , resresidence 203 nnorth Fifth
Calvert, Jesse, black and white smith , 94 nnorth Second, resresidence Market
betbetween Eighth and Ninth
Camden, John B-, merchant , 80 nnorth First, resresidence 182 Market
Camden, Peter G., merchant , resresidence corcorner Howard and Broadway
Cameron, Daniel, dry goods merchant , 162 nnorth Third, resresidence 152 nnorth
Camman, L., resresidence 86ssouth First
Camp, Jefferson, carpenter , resresidence 149 Myrtle
Camp, John, cooper , resresidence 100 Cedar
Campbell, James B., turner , resresidence 287 Broadway
Campbell, Archibald, engine builder , 259 Broadway
Campbell, Cornelius, M. D. , 343ssouth Fifth
Campbell, Josiah, cigar maker , 114 Locust
Campbell, James B., ship carpenter , resresidence Florida near Lewis
Campbell & Hopkins , “Bachelor’s Grove,” Broadway
Campbell, N. M., (C. & H.) resresidence Bachelor’s Grove
Campbell, John, carpenter , resresidence First near Wright
Campbell, Robert L., engraver , resresidence 25 Chesnut
Campbell, William H., tailor , 90 nnorth First
Campbell, Thomas, tobacconist , 91 nnorth Second and 39 nnorth Fourth
Campbell R. & W. , wh dry goods merchants, 137 nnorth First
Campbell, Robert, (R. & W. C.,) resresidence 40 nnorth Fifth