The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
50 St. Louis Directory. CAR-CEA
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Cary, Mrs. Mary, widow, corcorner Main and Howard
Case, Calvin, resresidence Broadway near Chambers
Casey, E. B., barkeeper , corcorner Second and Green
Casey, William, laborer , 121 Green
Casey, John, resresidence 143 Green
Casler, John P., carpenter , resresidence Spring nnorth Tenth
Casper, Harvey, clerk , resresidence 74 Vine
Cassay, Christopher, laborer , resresidence Seventh betbetween Spruce and Syca-
Cassidy, Joseph, shoemaker , resresidence 173 Green
Casselberry, Evans, attorney , 54 nnorth First
Casselman, Ira, laborer , resresidence Main near Jefferson
Cassle, Robert, laborer , Orchard south of Pond
Cassey, David, laborer , corcorner Franklin avavenue and Nineteenth
Castbung, Adam, bar room , 30 Pine
Casterline, Calvin L., corcorner Thirteenth and Orange
Castillo, Alexander H., pump maker , corcorner Locust and Eleventh
Castle, Robert, colored laborer , corcorner Cerré and Sixth
Caswell, Jacob L., 183 nnorth Sixth
Caszeau, Freeman, carpenter , 277 nnorth Eleventh
Cathcart, Robert, corcorner Ninth and Morgan
Catherwood, Robert H., rectifier , corcorner Chesnut and Front, resresidence
Olive betbetween Eighth and Ninth
Catherwood, Robert B., liquor merchant , corcorner Olive and Com-
Catholic, Book Store , 41 Walnut
Catler, J. G., book keeper , resresidence Delta House
Catlin, Daniel, tobacconist , corcorner Wright and Ninth
Catlin, G. W., 51 nnorth First
Catlin, J. G., clerk , 249 nnorth First
Cauchois, Maxim, clerk , 2 nnorth First
Causlin, Jacob, dresser , Carondelet avavenue near Lesperance
Cavanaugh, Arthur, clerk , 122 nnorth First
Cavanaugh, Thomas P., harness maker , 67 nnorth Fourth
Cavanaugh, Thomas H., com.commission merchant and boat agent , 8 Com-
mercial, resresidence 254 Market
Cavanaugh, William, apothecary , 197 nnorth First, resresidence Second betbetween
Cherry and Wash
Cavanaugh, Arthur, 256 nnorth Second
Cavanaugh, William, shoe maker , 173 Morgan
Cavender, John, [S. B. & Co.] 179ssouth Third
Cavert, Martin, Rutger betbetween Eighth and Ninth
Cayou, Joseph, blacksmith , 150 Green
Cayou, Joshua, blacksmith , 154 Green
Cayou, Lewis, blacksmith , 154 Green
Cayau, Antigue, measurer , 40 Lombard
Ceater, Frederick, laborer , Carondelet near Lesperance