The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
58 St. Louis Directory. COL-CON
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Collins, C. E., jeweller , First, betbetween Chesnut and Pine
Collins, Daniel, drayman , resresidence Ninth near Brooklyn
Collinway, James, laborer , 197 nnorth Sixth
Colt, James B., attorney , 56 Chesnut, resresidence Washington avavenue betbetween
Eighth and Ninth
Colton, Wells, attorney , 59 Pine
Colton, George A., Indian Queen Hotel, 28, 30 and 32 Locust
Colver, Thomas, carpenter , resresidence 97ssouth Third
Colver, Daniel, root beer depot , corcorner Spruce and Third
Colvin, John W., justice of the peace and notary public , resresidence
39 Washington avavenue
Colvin, N., saddler , boards at South Market tavern
Combs, Frederick, daguerrean artist , 48 Market
Comer, William, clerk , resresidence Randolph near Fourteenth
Comer, William, porter , 149 nnorth First, resresidence Randolph
Comfort, James H., attorney , 97 Chesnut
Compruit, Oliver, 181 Washington avavenue
Companyart, Paul, house carpenter , 55 Olive
Comstock & Bros. , druggists, 69 nnorth Second
Comstock, T. G., M. D. , 69 nnorth Second
Comstock, J. C, druggist , 69 nnorth Second
Comstock J. F. & Co. , wh boot and shoe store, 16 nnorth First and
152 nnorth First
Comstock, James F., [J. F. C. & Co.] resresidence Planters’ House
Comstock, Anson, [C. & Co.] resresidence 101 Washington avavenue
Conaday, James, laborer , 295 nnorth Ninth
Conder, Patrick, drayman , Collins near Foundry
Condon, Judson, provision store , 15 Market
Cone, Samuel, pedler , Short near Jackson
Conklin, Luther G., plane manufacturer , 101 Green, resresidence 161
Conlin, John, baker , 126 Market
Conlind, Edward, gas works
Conn, William E., pork house , corcorner Lombard and Second, resresidence
Scott’s Hotel
Conner, James, laborer , Tenth near Biddle
Connor, Bryan, laborer , 121 Green
Connor, John, resresidence 135 nnorth Ninth
Connory, Edward, [C. & C] 22 Pine
Connery & Carlisle , burr mill stone manufactory, 22 Pine
Conout, William, laborer , corcorner Buel and Lafayette
Conrad, Adam, blacksmith , 160 nnorth Seventh, resresidence 175 Green
Conrad, Susanah, widow, resresidence corcorner Buel and Emmett
Conrad, Joseph, pedler , corcorner Gratiot and Sixth
Conrad, Frederick, cabinet maker , 196ssouth Twelfth
Conrad, Frederick, wagon maker , resresidence 198 nnorth Eighth
Conradi, J., shoemaker , Twelfth betbetween Franklin avavenue and Wash