The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
60 St. Louis Directory. COO-COR
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Cooper, Isaac J., resresidence 69 Pine
Cooper, Christopher, boatman , resresidence 246 nnorth Thirteenth
Cooper, Seth, widow, resresidence 131 Myrtle
Cooper, Richard S., resresidence 242 Washington avavenue
Cooper, William, clerk , resresidence Rutger betbetween Eighth and Ninth
Cooper, Charles, teamster , resresidence Wright near Broadway
Cooper, T. R., house and sign painter , 109 nnorth Second, resresidence 91
Coote & Cozens , county surveyors, 38 Chesnut
Coote, Clement W., [C. & C.] resresidence Morgan betbetween Seventeenth
and Eighteenth
Copp, Samuel, [J. H. Alexander & Co.Company ] resresidence 107 nnorth Seventh
Corance, J., resresidence Virginia Hotel
Corbally, William, cooper , 189 Walnut
Corbet, Bartholomew, resresidence 139 nnorth Ninth
Corby, William H., blacksmith , corcorner Cherry and First, resresidence cor-
ner Second and O’Fallon
Corkrey, John, grocer , 259 Broadway
Corcoran, John, sawyer , resresidence Broadway wwest Jefferson
Cordell & Bay , commission and forwarding merchants, 68 nnorth
Cordell, J. H., (C. & B.) resresidence City Hotel
Cordes, Albrecht C., grocer , corcorner Carroll and Fulton
Cordes, Deidrich, resresidence Soulard near Fulton
Cordes, John C., miller , resresidence 284 nnorth Seventh
Cordingley, Thomas, stone cutter , Ninth near Biddle
Cord, William H., corcorner Seventh and St. Charles
Corey, A. W., Sunday School Depository, 80 Chesnut
Coring, Henry, laborer , 289 nnorth Eleventh
Corley, William H., chair maker , Chesnut betbetween Twelfth and
Corley, Joseph, caulker , resresidence Fulton near Soulard
Cormack, John B., pilot , resresidence Missouri Hotel
Cormany, Nehemiah R., editor Tribune , 31ssouth First
Cormick, William, plasterer , resresidence 28ssouth First
Cormick, Joel, stone mason , resresidence Smith near Ninth
Cormick, James, drayman , 66 Spruce
Corn, William, colored laborer , 137 nnorth First
Cornager, Charles, pilot , Tenth near Benton
Cornan, D. H., carpenter , resresidence Carrbetbetween First and Front
Cornelius, Francis, fireman , Lewis near Shot Tower
Cornelius, Leonard, laborer , Columbus near Emmet
Cornell, Mary Ann, widow, 244 nnorth Thirteenth
Cornet & Klute , dry goods and grocery dealers, 203 Broadway
Cornet, Frank, (C. & K.) 203 Broadway
Corning, William, shoe maker , 90 Locust
Corning G. & C. , boot and shoe makers, Chesnut betbetween First and