The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
64 St. Louis Directory. CUB-CUR
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Cubberly, Tobias P., hatter , 108 nnorth First
Cubberly, George, moulder , resresidence 209ssouth Second
Cubberly, C. P., hatter , 188 nnorth First, resresidence 61 Collins
Cullerton, Martin, laborer , resresidence Bates near First
Cullerton, John, laborer , resresidence Bates near First
Cullet, Joseph, saddler , Clark avavenue near Centre
Cummings, Bridget, widow, resresidence 305 Broadway
Cummings, Peter, barkeeper , corcorner Morgan and Fourth
Cummings, Milo, barkeeper , 13 nnorth Poplar
Cummings, Dennis, resresidence St. Charles betbetween Eighth and Ninth
Cummings, David, tailor , 171 nnorth Third, resresidence corcorner Ninth and St.
Cummings, John, riverman , resresidence 245 Carr
Cummings, Benonia, carpenter , Broadway near O’Fallon
Cummiskey, Patrick, resresidence 141 nnorth Ninth
Cummiskey, Terrence, resresidence 342 Morgan
Cunau, Benedict, fruit store , 65 nnorth Fourth
Cuniffe, Anne, chemist and druggist , corcorner Third and Morgan
Cuniffe, Michael K., grocer , 69 nnorth Front
Cuniffe, Bernard, grocer , 69 nnorth Front
Cunningham, George, ship carpenter , Ninth near O’Fallon
Cunningham, Alexander G., (F. & C.) resresidence Collins near Ashley
Cunningham, Arthur, resresidence 238 Washington avavenue
Cunningham, Michael, resresidence 155 Green
Cunningham, Bernard, tailor , 218 nnorth Eighth
Cuno, Charles, dry goods merchant , s First near Walnut, resresidence
corcorner Lafayette and Seventh
Cupp, William, pilot , Ninth near Labeaume
Curd & Jones , commission merchants, 10 Commercial
Curd, John H., (C. & J.) resresidence Doniphan House
Curle, Cornelius, brush maker , 90 Locust
Curle & Garnett , general agents, 93 Olive
Curle, Richmond J., [C. & G.] resresidence 93 Olive
Curle, Edward, resresidence 101 nnorth Tenth
Curran, William, plasterer , Broadway near O’Fallon
Curran, Barney, lime burner , First near Florida
Curran, William, tavern , etc., 171 nnorth Second
Currie C. V. & A. S. , saddlers, 59 Market
Currie, Cornelius V., (C. V. & A. S. C.) 59 Market
Currie, Algernon S., (C. V. & A. S. C.) 59 Market
Currie, Samuel F., saddler , 59 Market
Curry, John, moulder , resresidence Second betbetween Morgan and Cherry
Curry, Michael, employed at E. Lester’s Soda Factory
Curtain, P. J., resresidence rear 191 nnorth Seventh
Curtis, Theodore, wool carder , 53ssouth Fifth
Curtis, Zedekiah B., clerk 158 nnorth First, resresidence Olive betbetween Sixth and