The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
St. Louis Directory. 65 CUR-DAN
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Curtis, N., cigar manufacturer , 106 nnorth Second
Cussack, James, baker , corcorner Eleventh and Franklin avavenue
Custer, Isaac D., watchmaker , 194 Broadway
Curtis, John, carpenter , Morgan betbetween Sixteenth and Seventeenth
Cuthbert, Samuel, white lead factory , resresidence 46 nnorth Sixth
Cutler, Alonzo, general agent Mutual Insurance Company , resresidence
Fifth betbetween Wash and Carr
Cutter, Norman, grocer and commission merchant , 42 nnorth Front,
resresidence Mellon row, Chesnut
Cutter, Amos, clerk , 42 nnorth Front
Cutshall, Allen, carpenter , Franklin avavenue betbetween Fifth and Sixth
Daab, George, resresidence 173 nnorth Eighth
Dabin, Victor, resresidence 23 Hazel
Dabney, Henry, hack driver , resresidence 115 nnorth Fifth
Dachewz, Dr., 12ssouth Fourth
Dacre, John, trunk maker , 30ssouth Second
Daffer, James Henry, resresidence Washbetbetween Twelfth and Thirteenth
Dafre, Francis, gardener 2 Carondelet avavenue
Dagget, John D., Secretary gas works , office Pine betbetween Second
and Third, resresidence 113ssouth First
Daily, Cornelius, printer 16 Chesnut
Daily, B. T., resresidence Virginia Hotel
Dakenhart, John, lumber yard , Secondssouth gas works
Dalam, John, laborer , resresidence St. George’s alley
Dallam R.B. jr., & Co.Company , wood turner, 67 Locust
Dallam, R. B. jr., [D. & Co., ] resresidence Morgan betbetween 12th and 13th
Dallam, A. Pacha, clerk , 29 nnorth Ninth
Dallam, Richard B., resresidence 29 nnorth Ninth
Daley, Bartholemew, laborer , resresidence 311 Broadway
Daley, Thomas, carpenter , resresidence Seventh near O’Fallon
Daly, B. F. T., clerk 147 nnorth First
Daly, Thomas, laborer , resresidence rear 270 Market
Daly, Daniel, engineer , resresidence rear 270 Market
Daly, James, laborer , resresidence rear 270 Market
Daly, Anthony, laborer , resresidence rear 270 Market
Daly, John, clothier , resresidence 87 Olive
Dam, Samuel, tailor , 99 Pine
Dame, Theodore A., clerk , resresidence Collins near Cherry
Damer, Henry, Eagle Tavern 111 Front
Dammer, Henry, blacksmith resresidence Seventh betbetween Barry and Marion
Dana, David P., Monterey House 6 Market
Dana, John M., resresidence 123 Olive
Dandurant, John B., resresidence Sixth betbetween Rutger and Hickory
Danforth, Charles, riverman , resresidence 275 Eleventh
Daniel, Julius[J. B. T. & Co.] resresidence corcorner Second and Market
Daniel, William, brickmaker , resresidence Brooklyn near Ninth