The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
70 St. Louis Directory. DEP-DEY
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Depew, Abraham, sawyer , resresidence Broadway near Spring
Depew R. & T. , drapers and tailors, corcorner Third and Pine
Depew, Robert, (R. & T. D.) resresidence corcorner Third and Pine
Depew, Thomas, (R. & T. D.) resresidence Walton House
Deppe, Henry, hardware dealer , Market betbetween Tenth and Eleventh
Deppe, Frederick, tailor , Ninth near Chambers
Deppeh, Henry, laborer , resresidence 256 nnorth Sixth
Derby, Charles, merchant , 71 Front, resresidence 252 Washington avavenue
DeRemann, Henry, teamster , resresidence 48 Gay
Deresh, C., boards 259 Broadway
Deroin, Emanuel, druggist , corcorner Eighth and Franklin avavenue , resresidence 156
ssouth Second
Deroin, Francis, trader , resresidence rear 140ssouth Sixth
Derr, William, tailor , 7 Locust, resresidence 64 Almond
Derre, Fritz, boatman , resresidence 194ssouth Second
Deshazo, Benjamin, carpenter , resresidence 328 nnorth Seventh
DesMouline, Augustus, resresidence 48 Chesnut
Desper, Joseph, boarding house , resresidence 48ssouth First
Dessaint, Louis C., cabinet maker , 122 nnorth Second
Desset, Louis, cabinet maker , corcorner Wright and Ninth
Dessilet, John B., resresidence 28ssouth Third
Deter, Jacob, laborer , resresidence alley betbetween Emmet and Lafayette
Deters, Hiram, brickmaker , resresidence Fulton near Soulard
Detree, John, milkman , resresidence alley betbetween Lesperance and Picot
Dettmer, Joseph, resresidence 175 Morgan
Devanil, John, drayman , resresidence Seventeenth near Biddle
Develin, Charles, locksmith , 110ssouth Third
Develin, Thomas, laborer , Phœnix Foundry
Develin, John, boatman , resresidence Washington avavenue betbetween Sixteenth and
Develin, John, furniture manufacturer , 16 nnorth Third
Develin, John J., mason , alley on Carrbetbetween Sixth and Seventh
Devens, George A., clerk 79 nnorth Front, resresidence Walnut betbetween Eighth
and Ninth
Devereux, Michael, carpenter , resresidence 136 Carr
Devillers & Darmenton , hardware and liquor dealers, 16ssouth 1st
Devillers, Nicholas, [D. & D.] 16ssouth First
Devine, Patrick, butcher , resresidence 57 Green
Devinney, Pleasants, s b captain , resresidence 324 Morgan
Devinney, Kendrick D., pilot , 282 nnorth Tenth
Devoy, Nicholas, laborer , 309ssouth Third
Devoy, Dennis, laborer , Sixth near Biddle
Devricks, Thomas W., [G. & D.] Market betbetween Fifth and Sixth
DeWitt, Abram B., s b captain , resresidence 247 Green
Dewyrl, Timothy, drayman , First near Brooklyn
DeYoung, Michael, dry goods merchant , 150 nnorth Third, resresidence 186
nnorth Fourth