The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
St. Louis Directory. 71 DIC-DIL
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Dick, Franklin A., attorney , 79 Market
Dickenga, Eidert, shoemaker , 76 Almond
Dickenson, Layton, 110 Biddle
Dickerson, Robert, dealer in furs , Buel betbetween Carroll and Marion
Dickert, Jacob, cooper , res cor Wash and Fifteenth
Dickey, David J., clerk , 140 Olive
Dickly, Joseph, lamp lighter , resresidence corcorner Cherry and Second
Dickman, Henry, stone cutter , 219 nnorth First
Dickman, Frederick, blacksmith , resresidence 75 St. Charles
Dicks, John R., Centre Market Master , resresidence Eighth betbetween Walnut
and Clark avavenue
Dickson, Charles, auctioneer , 52 nnorth First, resresidence Fifth below Spruce
Dickson, Eleanor, boarding house , Fourth near Franklin avavenue
Dickson, Andrew, (C. & D.) 33 nnorth Fifth
Dickson, Charles K., M. D. , corcorner Fifth and Spruce
Dickson, William, drover , resresidence Biddle near Sixteenth
Dicky, J. H., clerk , resresidence corcorner Fifth and Walnut
Dicus, William, soda factory , corcorner Miller and Carondelet avavenue
Didier, Joseph, brewer , 54ssouth Third
Dieeknede, Barny, clerk , corcorner Walnut and First
Diekman, Henry, brickmaker , resresidence O’Fallon near Eighth
Diekman, Stephen, mill stone manufacturer , Twelfth near Bid-
Dielmann, Frederick, watchman , resresidence Papin near Jackson
Diemer, Paul, laborer , resresidence Franklin avavenue betbetween Fifteenth and Six-
Dienngk, Edward, laborer , resresidence 246ssouth Second
Dierksen, Ahrnt, grocer , resresidence corcorner First and Smith
Dierking, Henry, engraver , resresidence Second near O’Fallon
Dietenbrock, G., lime burner , corcorner Ninth and Franklin avavenue
Dietman, Joseph, beer house , Franklin avavenue betbetween Sixth and Seventh
Dieterick, W. F., tobacconist , 126 Franklin avavenue
Dietrich, Henry, wagon maker , 38ssouth Third, resresidence 114ssouth Fourth
Diffenderfer, David R., druggist , 105 nnorth Fourth
Diffenderfer, William L., M. D. , 216 nnorth First
Difley, Peter, brickmaker , resresidence 144 nnorth Fourth, up stairs
Digenard, Charles, hat manufacturer , 162ssouth Fifth
Diggs, Francis, ship carpenter , resresidence corcorner Broadway and Chambers
Diggs, Cnristopher, ship carpenter , resresidence Mullanphy near Second
Dikeman, Burr, watchmaker , 160 nnorth First, resresidence 232 nnorth Fifth
Dill, Ezra E., resresidence 168 Green
Dill, John M., plasterer , resresidence 138 Elm
Dill, David, Tontine Coffee House
Diller, William, tobacconist , 207 Broadway
Diller, Henry, drayman , res Carr near Fourteenth
Dillman, Conrad. cartman , resresidence Wood betbetween Second and river
Dillon, Patrick, teamster , Fulton Brewery