The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
74 St. Louis Directory. DOR-DRA
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Dormann, Henry, carpenter , resresidence 194ssouth Third
Dorman, James M., (McM. & Co.) resresidence corcorner Pine and Fifteenth
Dormann, William F., bar keeper , Franklin Hall
Dorsey, Timothy, engineer , resresidence 87 Olive
Dorsheimer, Louis, (P. & D.) resresidence 4½ Front
Dorwart, David, (G. & D.) resresidence 13ssouth Seventh
Dotharger, Frederick, teamster , resresidence Ninth near Laoaume
Dougan, James, toy store , 14ssouth Fourth
Dougherty, O’Blennis, clerk , 52 Chesnut
Dougherty, James S., resresidence 71 Walnut
Dougherty, Robert, (O. & D.) resresidence 57 nnorth Eighth
Dougherty, Barney, resresidence 145 nnorth Third
Dougherty, Joseph W., clerk , 20 Olive
Dougherty, John B., U. S. A.United States of America , resresidence Ninth near O’Fallon
Doughitt, R. H., widow, boarding house , 39 nnorth Sixth
Douglas, Richard, boatman , resresidence 129 nnorth Fifth
Douglas, Thomas, pilot , resresidence 253ssouth Second
Douglass, Henry, clerk , 131 and 133 nnorth First
Doughty, James W., produce and commission merchant , 28
Dow, Frederick, s b mate , resresidence 288 nnorth Sixth
Dowd, Augustus, prov’n and boat store , 6 Green, resresidence 45 Collins
Dowdall, John F., carding machine manufactory , 183 nnorth Second,
resresidence 242 nnorth Second
Dower, Henry, laborer , res cor Carr and Fourteenth
Dowler, M., widow, boarding house , 219 nnorth Twelfth
Dowling, Walter, laborer , resresidence 114 nnorth Tenth
Dowling, Richard, constable , office corcorner Second and Walnut
Downer, James M., carpenter , corcorner Chesnut and Thirteenth
Downey, Richard, lard oil factory , 202 nnorth Fifth
Downey, Patrick, laborer , resresidence Walnut betbetween Second and Third
Downey, James, resresidence 127 Green
Downey, Anthony, s b captain , resresidence Biddle near Eighth
Downing, William, clerk , 101 nnorth First
Dowthett, J. D., carpenter , resresidence Howard near Broadway
Dowthett, Robert, carpenter , resresidence First near Howard
Dowthett, Joseph, carpenter , resresidence Ninth near Mound
Doyle, Marquis L. F., grocer , broadway near North Market
Doyle, John, corcorner Olive and Fourteenth
Doyle, Lawrence, clerk , resresidence Collins near Biddle
Doyle, Patrick, beer house , corcorner Market and Thirteenth
Doyle, Thomas, teacher , 175 nnorth Eighth
Doyle, Ann, widow, resresidence 95ssouth Third
Doyle, William, family grocer , corcorner Market and Tenth
Dozier, Louis, family grocer , 143 Market, resresidence 176 Walnut
Dræge, Gerhard, printer , resresidence 4 nnorth First
Drahar & Bumb , tailors, 99 Morgan