The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
22 St. Louis Directory. ARM-AUD
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Armstrong, Peter, tailor , 152 Green
Armstrong, G., clerk , 9 Commercial, resresidence 35 nnorth Fourth
Armstrong, Jacob, O’Fallon Mill
Armstrong, Thomas, s Fourteenth near new Market
Armstrong, ——, blacksmith , n Second near Bates
Arnd, Peter, cartman , Jackson near Carroll
Arnd, Henry, carpenter , Jackson near Carroll
Arner, John, boarding house , 112 Washtngton avavenue
Arnest, Augustus, foundry man , Plum
Arnest, Ira N., hatter , 183 nnorth First, resresidence 160 Morgan
Arnest, Joseph N., clerk , 84 Market
Arnold, Thomas, rope maker , 168 nnorth Fifth
Arnold, Eliza, widow, rear 116 nnorth Sixth
Arnold, Peter, tailor , 90 nnorth First
Arnold, George, beer house , 63ssouth Second
Arnold, H. L., ship carpenter , corcorner Mound and First
Arnold Peter & T. H. , tailors, 8 Vine, resresidence 90 nnorth First
Arnot, Nicholas, cigar maker , corcorner Sidney and DeKalb
Arx, Joseph, beer house , 145ssouth Second
Asbury, Thomas, plasterer , corcorner Spring and Ninth
Ashbury, Thomas H., civil engineer , 214 nnorth Sixth
Ashby, James. 119 Olive
Ashdown, William M., gas fitter , Olive betbetween Fourth and Fifth, resresidence
147 nnorth Fourth
Asher, Edward, captain , resresidence 230 Franklin avavenue
Asher, A. S., clothier , 114 nnorth First, resresidence 16 nnorth Fourth
Ashton, John, pilot , corcorner Lafayette and Seventh
Asinger, Nicholas, hair dresser , 5 Locust
Askin, John, cooper , n First near Florida
Aspinall, Edward, 251 Green
Asselman, Dederick, wood sawyer , corcorner Fourteenth and Biddle
Ast, Adam, stone mason , corcorner Carondelet avavenue and Lynch
Atchison, George W., steamboat captain , 60 nnorth Fifth
Atchison, George, steamboat captain , 60 nnorth Fifth
Atherton, Nathaniel, painter , 102 Green
Atherton, Geo. O., (G. K. & Co.) resresidence corcorner 10th and Franklin avavenue
Atherton, George O., clerk Page’s Mills, resresidence Tenth betbetween Franklin
avavenue and Wash
Athey, Samuel W., carpenter , 52 Gay
Athey, Presley, clerk , 134 Market up stairs
Atkins, David A., coffee house , 96 Green
Atkins, William, wool manufacturer , Morgan near Fifth
AtkinsJames, Mrs., milliner , 123 Morgan
Atkinson, John, resresidence Ham near Hickory
Atkison, Thomas, bricklayer , corcorner Myrtle and Sixth
Atwood, Nathaniel B., druggist , 6ssouth First, resresidence 150 Morgan
Audrian, F. B. E., boarding house , 9ssouth Fourth