The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
76 St. Louis Directory. DUF-DUN
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Duffy, Charles, stone mason , resresidence Morgan betbetween Fifteenth and Six-
Duffy, Michael, drayman , resresidence Morgan betbetween Fifteenth and Sixteenth
Duffy, Charles, cooper , corcorner Morgan and Sixteenth
Duffy, Patrick, lime burner , resresidence First near Florida
Duffy, Edward, M. D. , 26 Locust
Duffy, Daniel, pilot , resresidence Barry betbetween Seventh and Carondelet avavenue
Dufrane, Sylvester, resresidence 217ssouth Third
Dufrane, Augustus, watchman , resresidence 225ssouth Third
Dugan, William, moulder , 301 Broadway
Dugan, Thomas M., clerk , 27 Commercial
Dugdale, Francis, resresidence Centre betbetween Market and Clark avavenue
Duhring, Andrew, clerk , resresidence 145ssouth Third
Duimenaoz, Herman, tailor , 212 nnorth Ninth
Duke, Basil, attorney , 48 nnorth Second
Duke, William, corcorner Twelth and Green
Dulien, A. G., clerk , 250 Broadway
Dulle, John, shoemaker , 209ssouth Third
Dumain, Lucien, Fourteenth nnorth of Clark avavenue
Dumar, John, 140 nnorth Fifth
Dumhurst, Joseph, brickmaker , resresidence Ninth near Mound Market
Dumoulin, Baptisté, stone mason , Chesnut betbetween 14th and 15th
Dunbar, Andrew, soda factory
Dunbar, Nelson, 70 Poplar
Duncan, Thomas O., clerk , Telegraph Office, resresidence 22 St. Charles
Duncan, Ellen, widow, Seventh near O’Fallon
Duncan, Edward, moulder , resresidence Third betbetween Washavavenue and Green
Duncan, Frederick, drayman , 155ssouth Third
Duncan, Squire, [c.]Morgan betbetween Fifth and Sixth
Duncan, Jonathan, [c.]Seventh betbetween Green and Morgan
Dunham, H. B., boot and shoe store , 34 nnorth First
Dunham, Mary A., widow, 299 nnorth Ninth
Dunham, James, match makers , corcorner Hazel and Third
Dunham, Johnmatch makers , corcorner Hazel and Third
Dunham, Lavinus, teacher , 106 nnorth Fifth
Dunlap, John S., com. mer.commission merchant , Spruce betbetween Fifth and Sixth
Dunlop, William, boatman , Orange b Fourteenth and Fifteenth
Dunlop, John, boatman , alley on Franklin av b Ninth and Tenth
DunnPatrick, jr., coppersmith , resresidence 280 nnorth Eighth
Dunn, Patrick, 286 nnorth Eighth
Dunn, James, cupper and leecher , 96 Green