The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
St. Louis Directory. 77 DUN-DYS
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Dunn, John, [J. & H. W. D.] Fulton near Barry
Dunn, H. William, [J. & H. W. D.] resresidence Fulton near Barry
Dunn, Charles, laborer , resresidence Barry near Fulton
Dunn, Thomas, butcher , resresidence Seventeenth betbetween Morgan and Orange
Dunn, Thomas, drayman , resresidence Morgan betbetween Seventeenth and
Dunn, Thomas, boatman , resresidence 28ssouth First
Dunn, Patrick, resresidence Christy avavenue betbetween Eleventh and Twelfth
Dunn & Co.Company , grocers, corcorner Cerré and Seventh
Dunn, James, [D. & Co.] resresidence corcorner Cerré and Seventh
Dunn, John, blacksmith , resresidence 106 Green
Dunn, Christian, laborer , resresidence 110 Green
Dunnes, Francis, fruiterer , 121½ nnorth First
Dunnica, Fontaine M., engineer , resresidence corcorner Ninth and Gratiot
Dunnoant, Joseph, ice man , resresidence corcorner Ninth and Cerré
Durack, John, s b captain , resresidence 4 Cerré
Durand, Nicholas, tailor , resresidence 259ssouth Market
Durand, Peter, tailor , resresidence 259ssouth Market
Durant, George, tailor , 93 Washington avavenue , resresidence 128 nnorth Third
Durkan, J., classical academy , 49 nnorth Third
Durkee, Dwight, (P. & D.) resresidence Collins near O’Fallon
Durkee, A. K., clerk , 273 Broadway
Durney, John, laborer , resresidence 228 nnorth Eighth
Duroche, Augustus, resresidence 153 Green
Dusenberry, Absolom T., M. D. , 29 Locust, resresidence Morgan between
Twentieth and Twenty-first
Dutcher, Thomas B., commission merchant , 41 Front, resresidence 116
nnorth Eighth
Dutcher, J. B. W., book keeper , 41 Front
Dutcher, C. O., clerk , 41 Front
Dutman, Henry, carpenter , resresidence Seventh betbetween Rutger and Hickory
Dutro, George W., bricklayer , resresidence Collins near Chambers
Dutro, Ezekiel, cooper , resresidence Chambers near Broadway
Dutson, John, resresidence 153 Green
Dwyer, Francis, [T. & D.] resresidence 86 Myrtle
Dwyer, John, laborer , resresidence 256 nnorth Sixth
Dwyer, Thomas, shoemaker , 296ssouth Third
Dwyer, William, tobacco merchant , 44ssouth Tenth
Dwyer, William, drayman , Orchard wwest of Ninth
Dwyer, John, coffee house , corcorner Fifth and Green
DwyerWilliam, jr., s b clerk , 44ssouth Tenth
Dwyer, Jeremiah, 5 Orange
Dye, T. G., Howard near Ninth
Dyer, Thomas B., 28 Walnut
Dyer, Catherine, widow, 41 Washington avavenue
Dyson, Taylor D., pork and bacon dealer , 4 Vine
Dyson, Abram, baker , Broadway near Biddle