The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
78 St. Louis Directory. DZI-EDD
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Dziefienbon, William, tinner , 255ssouth Market
Eacha, Henry, tanner , Victory near Carondelet avavenue
Eaches, Charles B., clerk , 4 Olive
Eads, Henry, wood merchant , 61 Olive
Eads, James A., s b captain , 61 Olive
Eads, Charles H., 135 Olive
Eager, Samuel W., clerk , 26 nnorth First
Eager & Hill , attorneys, 13 Chesnut, up stairs
Eager, John M., (E. & H.) corcorner Market and Fourth
Eagles, William, carpenter , Ninth near Mullanphy
Easterly, Ezra, family medicines , corcorner Third and Chesnut
Eastman, James A., bricklayer , Ninth near Spruce
Eaton, Joseph, laborer , alley on Tenth b Market and Clark avavenue
Eaton, John, plasterer , corcorner Thirteenth and Morgan
Eaves, John, carpenter , 201 Market
Eaves, William T., jeweller , 56 nnorth Second, resresidence corcorner Columbus
and Emmet
Eayrs, George W., Seventh betbetween Carr and Biddle
Eberle, Charles, cabinet maker , 211ssouth Second
Eberle, Valentine, undertaker , 47ssouth Second
Eberle, John, cabinet maker , 100ssouth Second, resresidence 52 Spruce
Eberle, Andrew, engineer , 50 Front
Eberle, George, carpenter , Soulard betbetween Fulton and Seventh
Ebeisman, Henry, laborer , Morgan betbetween Fourth and Fifth
Eberlein, Theodore S., [S. & E.] City Hotel
Ebert, H., shoemaker , 72 Green
Ebert, Ferdinand, cigar maker , 117 Franklin avavenue
Ebington, John K., grocer , Broadway near North Market
Ebners, John, distiller , 190 Franklin avavenue
Eby, Cyrus, 81 Park avavenue
Eck, Joseph, Fifth near Gratiot
Eckelkamp, Henry, baker , 184 Market
Eckelmann, Hermann, [K. & E.] 66 nnorth First
Eckert, Martin, blacksmith , 285 nnorth Ninth
Eckert, George, laborer , 214 nnorth Ninth, up stairs
Eckert, Jacob, moulder , 225 nnorth Ninth
Eckersly, William, wall colorer , 35 nnorth Third
Ecket, Christian, blacksmith , Ninth near Carr
oEckler, Charles F., Thirteenth betbetween Orange and Christy avavenue
Eckstorm, Gustoff, cooper , Third near Convent
Eckords, Joseph H., laborer , resresidence corcorner Eleventh and Park avavenue
Eddy, Jabez P., wholesale grocer and com. merch’t , 71 Front
Eddy, Joseph A., [B. & E.] resresidence 156 nnorth Third
Eddy J. H. & Co. , dry goods merchants, 154 nnorth Third
Eddy, J. H., [J. H. E. & Co.] resresidence 164 nnorth Third
Eddy R. S. & Co. , dry goods merchants, 188 nnorth Third