The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
St. Louis Directory. 83 FAI-FAT
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Fairbridge, Thomas, [G. & Co.) rear 104 nnorth First
Fairchild, Gresham, engineer , resresidence Seventh betbetween Carr and Biddle
Fairchild, Samuel, shoemaker , 74 Spruce
Fairley, Matthew, miller , corcorner Second and Almond
Fallf & Co.Company , flour mills, Franklin avavenue betbetween Thirteenth and Fourt-
Fallf, John, [F. & Co.] resresidence Centre betbetween Market and Clark avavenue
Faley, John, guard city work house
Fallon & Wright , carriage manufacturers, 90 nnorth Fifth
Fallon, Wesley, [F. & W.) resresidence Scott’s Hotel
Falls, John, resresidence Centre near Market
Fanding, Henry, laborer , Phoænix Foundry
Fanning, Michael, horse farrier , resresidence 241 nnorth Thirteenth
Fanning, Samuel, boatman , Olive betbetween Fifteenth and Sixteenth
Fanning, Patrick, stone cutter , corcorner Washington avavenue and Ninth
resresidence 238 Washington avavenue
Fant, R. L., boarding house , 53 nnorth Third
Farber, Nicholas, drayman , resresidence Second near Wood
Fardel, Thomas L., clerk , 209 Broadway
Farl, James, laborer , resresidence 102ssouth First
Farley, Benjamin, pilot , resresidence 67 St. Charles
Farley, Peter, laborer , resresidence 228 Market
Farley, Patrick, boarding house , 62 Myrtle
Farmer, H., boarding house , 57 nnorth Third
Farnham, Augustus, carpenter , resresidence 279 Broadway
Farnsworth, Edwin H., [F. & Co.] resresidence Walnut betbetween Second and
Farnsworth, Samuel V., [F. & Co.] res cor Carr and Sixth
Farnsworth & Co.Company , tin and coppersmiths, 61 nnorth First
FarrAsa, jr., [C, F. & Co.] resresidence corcorner Olive and Ninth
Farrar, Bernard, M. D. , 80 nnorth Sixth
Farrar, Benjamin, attorney , 79 Market
Farrell, Patrick, clerk , 80 nnorth Front, resresidence 136 nnorth Eleventh
Farrington & Winters , wh boot and shoe store, 112 nnorth First
Farrington, Samuel S., [F. & W.] resresidence 183 Green
Farrington, John, architect , 285 Morgan
Farrow & Ives , boat builders, Front near Wash
Farrow, William, [F. & I.] resresidence Mullanphy near Ninth
Farwell & Co.Company , commission merchants, 156 nnorth Second
Farwell, Lyman, [F. & Co.] resresidence 86 Franklin avavenue
Fasner, Frederick William, carpenter , resresidence 242 nnorth Eighth
Fasset J. B. & Co. , wholesale dry goods merchant, 49 nnorth First
Fasseu, Louis, manufacturer of vermicelli , 221ssouth Second
Fasterling, Christian, boatman , resresidence corcorner Second and Wood
Fate, Hiram, turner , resresidence Tenth betbetween Franklin avavenue and Morgan
Fath, Jacob, tavern keeper , 114ssouth Fourth
Fath, Henry, pedlar , resresidence corcorner Easton and Ann