The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
St. Louis Directory. 85 FER-FIN
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Ferrell, Mrs Martha, widow, corcorner Second and Warren
Ferrie, Thomas, boarding house , 209 nnorth Fourteenth
Ferst, George, paver , 302 nnorth Twelfth
Feter, Ferdinand, gardener , resresidence 34 Hazel
Fethu, Daniel, riverman , resresidence 332 nnorth Seventh
Fetta, P., grocer , Green betbetween Seventh and Eighth
Few, Simon, engineer , resresidence 171 Carondelet avavenue
Fey, John, barber , 104ssouth Second
Fhel, Henry, brick maker , resresidence Marion betbetween Rosatti and Menard
Ficken, Nicholas, carpenter , resresidence Fifteenth near Clark avavenue
Fichtenham, George, clerk , 13ssouth Front
Fiddler, Henry, tailor , resresidence 246 nnorth Thirteenth
Fidell, A., hair spinner , Papin near Columbus
Field, Roswell M., attorney , 44 Chesnut, resresidence 28 Collins
Field, Stephen, grocer , resresidence Carondelet av opp Arsenal
Field, Joseph M., [K. & F.] 20 Olive
Field & Hall , attorneys, corcorner Third and Pine, up stairs
Field, Alexander P., [F. & H.] resresidence Olive betbetween Eighth and Ninth
Field, J. M., Missouri Exchange, 11 Washington avavenue
Field & Beardslee , dealers in cloth, &c., 160 nnorth First
Field, John K., clerk , 160 nnorth First
Field, Isaac N., clerk , 160 nnorth First
Field, John, resresidence 79 Washington avavenue
Field, Joseph, rectifier , 22ssouth Front
Field, George B., attorney , boards corcorner Fifth and Myrtle
Field, Jesse, resresidence 151 Washington avavenue
Field, Riley, drayman , resresidence 127 nnorth Seventh
Field, Benjamin, baker , corcorner Eleventh and Franklin avavenue
Fienstein, Charles, clerk , 8ssouth First
Fife, William G., family grocer , 197 Broadway
Fife, Robert B., tobacco inspector , resresidence corcorner Jefferson and Broad-
Fifer, George, baker , resresidence 32 nnorth Second
Fifer, Moses, clothing store , resresidence 23ssouth First
Figgan, Rollins, resresidence Buel betbetween Carroll and Marion
Figures, M., M. D. , 92 Chesnut, resresidence 102 Market
Filer, George, book keeper , corcorner First and Elm
Filley, Oliver D., tin, copper, &c. manufacturer , 145 nnorth First
Filley, Giles F., queensware and china , 149 nnorth First, resresidence Collins
Filligan, —, laborer , resresidence 34 Spruce
Finch, William T., commission merchant , 10 Commercial, resresidence
204 nnorth Seventh
Finch, John, student , resresidence 88 Chesnut
Finch, John, dyer , resresidence Mansion House
Finck, Walden, beer house , 66ssouth Second
Fine, Joshua, [McC. & F.] Cherry betbetween First and Second
Fine, —, watchmaker , 170 Carondelet avavenue