The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
St. Louis Directory. 23 AUE-BAC
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Auerbach Solomon and Henry , clothing store, 47½ Front
Aufdenfelde, Diederich, carpenter , 56 Convent
Augustin, Christian, wagon maker , 326ssouth Second
AugustinMichael Mrs., , 77 Locust
Auld, Wilson, family grocer , corcorner of Eighth and Franklin avavenue
Aulsik, John, painter , Washbetbetween Tenth and Eleventh
Aumbergh, William, laborer , rear 280 nnorth Eighth
Ausman, H., 154 nnorth Eighth
Austin, A. A., clerk , 23 nnorth Front
Austin, William J., real estate agent and auctioneer , 37 Locust,
resresidence 35 Elm. [See advertisement.]
Austin, Charles G., Empire House, corcorner of Third and Vine
Austin, Reuben B., *smith, n First
Austin, Solon, Orange betbetween Fourteenth and Fifteenth
Avarm, William A., 223 nnorth Eighth
Avery, M. D., tinner , 147 nnorth Third, resresidence Morgan betbetween 5th and 6th
Avery, Charles, (A. & Co.) 82 nnorth First
Avery, Edward, engineer , Ninth betbetween Wash and Carr
Avers, Cevet, laborer , Soulard betbetween Eleventh and Rosette
Avers, Horia, widow, resresidence corcorner Jackson and Lafayette
Avestorz, Cox & Co.Company , City Hotel livery stable, nnorth Third nnorth of
City Hotel
Avis, Charles B., book keeper , 105 nnorth First
Avis, John, iron finisher , resresidence 87 Pine
AvisE. Mrs., , widow, resresidence 89 Washington avavenue
Axtell, Thomas R., county collector , 111 Chesnut, resresidence 81 St.
Ayers & Bromley , painters, 15 nnorth Fifth
Ayers, Adin, (A. & B.) resresidence 15 nnorth Fifth
Ayland, William, bricklayer , Jefferson
Ayres, Robert B., 70 Commercial
Ayres, Caleb, carpenter , Barlow near Orange
Baarl, F. R., grocer , corcorner Barlow and Orchard
Babcock, Wm.William J., dealer in india rubber goods, 154 nnorth First up
Bach, Lewis, Western Brewery Depot, 290 nnorth Fourth
Bachant, Joseph, laborer , Jackson, betbetween Duchouquette and Poplar
Bacher, Charles, laborer , corcorner Carroll and Columbia
Bacher, Henry, laborer , corcorner Carroll and Columbia
Bachin, Jacob, laborer , 250 nnorth Sixth
Bacigalupo, John B, confectioner , corcorner Vine and Second
Backenstoe, William C., tailor , Chesnut betbetween Eighth and 9th
Backenstoe, Benj M., wheelright , 9th betbetween Market and Chesnut
Backois, Nicholas, beerhouse 265 Carondelet avenue
Bacon, Henry D., (P. & B.) resresidence corcorner Morrison and Morton
Bacon, George B., tin store , 115 Morgan, resresidence 104 Elm