The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
94 St. Louis Directory. GAR-GEA
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Garnett, John, (C. & G.) 93 Olive
Garraux, Mrs. E., widow, 14 St. Charles
Garrigues, Edward, carpenter , 169 nnorth Third
Garrison, Cornelius, s b captain , 165ssouth 1st
Garrison, Isaac L., oppopposite 159 Wash
Garrison, Brothers & Co.Company , Eagle Foundry, corcorner Biddle and 1st
Garrison, Oliver, (G., B. & Co.) Second near Cherry
Garrison, Daniel R., (G., B. & Co.) corcorner Collins and O’Fallon
Garrison, J. H., teamster , corcorner Second and Harrison
Garsia, Frederick, boards on Buel betbetween Marion and Park avavenue
Garsteneckel, Christian, cigar maker , alley on Carondelet avavenue
betbetween Third and Fifth
Garsteneckee, Gottlieb, drayman , rear of 272ssouth Third
Garvey, James, produce dealer , block 7, Centre Market
Garvey, Christopher, notary , etc., 9 nnorth 4th, resresidence 147 Spruce
Garvin, William S., painter , corcorner Brooklyn and Eleventh
Garvin, Pharo, painter , near water works, on Broadway
Gas Light Co.Company Office, 69 Pine
Gasesbrink, Frederick, laborer , 216 Franklin avavenue
Gasner, J. H., tailor , 20 Morgan
Gass, John, musical instrument maker , 38 nnorth Second
Gassaway, U. S., sawyer , resresidence First near Jefferson
Gasting, Richard, painter , Mullanphy near sugar refinery
Gates, John, livery stable keeper , Broadway near Jefferson
Gather, N., (M. & G.) 28 Locust
Gaty, McCune & Glasby , founders and engine manf’rs, 224 nnorth
Gaty, Samuel, (G. McC. & G.] 42 Collins
Gaty, John, shoemaker , corcorner Second and Florida
Gattz, Louis, [W. & Co.] 193 and 195 nnorth First
Gaubatts, Philip, Star House, corcorner First and Florida
Gaun, Henry, copper and tin manufacturer , 68ssouth Second
Gaunt, Matthew, painter , 186 Franklin avavenue
Gaunt, John, painter , Ninth near Biddle
Gautier, Mar, boarding house , 43 nnorth Front
Gay & Parker , planing mill, First near Bates
Gay, Charles, [G. & P.] Second near O’Fallon
Gay E. J. & J. H., jr. , wh grocers and com merch’s, 50 nnorth Front
Gay, Edward J., [E. J. & J. H., jr. G.] resresidence corcorner 5th and Myrtle
GayJohn H., jr., [E. J. & J. H. jr. G.] corcorner 4th and Myrtle
Gay, John L., mate , 11 Gay
Gay, Lemuel, 326 Morgan
Gaylord, E. H., clerk , 76 nnorth 1st
Gazell, John P., grocer , corcorner Carondelet avavenue and Victory
Geaity, Owen, laborer , Gay betbetween 15th and Sixteenth
Gearing, William, s b joiner , corcorner Broadway and Ashley
Gears, Gertrude, widow, corcorner Lafayette and Hamtranck