The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
St. Louis Directory. 99 GOR-GRA
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Gordon, William, laborer , Randolph, near Twelfth
Gordon, David, corcorner Seventeenth and Orange
Gordon, John, boatman , 150 Carr
Gordon, John, 84 nnorth Fifth
Gore, Martin, blacksmith , First, opposite pine mill
Gore, Fisk, clerk , 175 nnorth First
Gore, George, clerk , 32 nnorth Ninth
Gore, Stephen D., [H., G. & Co. ] 32 nnorth Ninth
Gore, Manning, bricklayer , n Second near Harrison
Gore, William H., [P., G. & Co. ] boards at 184 Olive
Gore, William, porter , 81 nnorth Sixth
Gorell, George, druggist , Carrbetbetween Eighth and Ninth
Gores, John, butcher , Wood betbetween Second and river
Gorin, George, [J. L. & Co. ] Eleventh b Franklin avavenue and Wash
Gorin, Gladdin, [L. & G. ] 204 nnorth Eleventh
Gorla & Monti , grocers, 65 nnorth Front
Gorla, Joseph, Vera Cruz Tavern , corcorner Front and Cherry
Gorlock, Frederick, laborer , Seventh betbetween Rutgers and Hickory
Gorman, Patrick, [F. & G. ] Sixth betbetween Wash and Carr
Gorman, James, gardener , Carondelet avavenue near Arsenal
Gorman, James, Morgan betbetween Ninth and Tenth
Gorman, Michael J., saddler , 253 Broadway
Gorman, Henry, laborer , Eighteenth near Carr
Gosnell, John W., plane maker , 66ssouth Seventh
Gosnell, George W., com. merch. , 13 nnorth Front, resresidence 66ssouth Seventh
Gosney, Washington, 142 nnorth Sixth
Gost, John, brewer , 61 and 63ssouth Second
Gostorf, Ephraim, merchant , corcorner Barry and Carondelet avavenue , resresidence
114 Carondelet avavenue
Gotting, Jacob, bricklayer , 292ssouth Fifth
Gottschalk, Ferdinand, baker , 113 Carondelet avavenue
Gottschalk & Bolland , watchmakers, 24ssouth Second
Gottschalk, Charles W., [G. & B. ] 24ssouth Second
Goudy, James W., clerk , First north of Cedar
Gould, Thomas, gas works , 333ssouth Second
Grace, Pierce C., attorney , 13 Chesnut, resresidence corcorner Eleventh and
Grace, Thomas B., corcorner Eleventh and Locust
Grabbler, Michael, alley betbetween Rosatti and Hamtramck
Grady, Michael, laborer , 110 Green
Grady, Philip, baker , cor Wash and Seventh
Graæber, Charles, shoemaker , 183ssouth Fifth
Graf, Ackerman & Co.Company , merch’ts, Commercial, near Page’s Mill
Graf, Charles, [G., A. & Co. ] corcorner Third and Myrtle
Graff, Louis, shoemaker , 24ssouth Fifth
Graham, Henry R., corcorner Green and Broadway
Graham, Robert, carpenter , 123 Morgan