The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
100 St. Louis Directory. GRA-GRA
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Graham, James, [G. & Co.] corcorner Fifteenth and Biddle
Graham, Richard, Sixth betbetween St. Charles and Locust
Graham, John T., boards at E. Lester’s
Graham, John S., 162 Wash
Graham, John, laborer , 138 Wash
Graham, William, bricklayer , 144 nnorth Seventh
Graham, William, caulker , 195 Morgan
Graham, Robert, millinery store , 113 Market
Graham, James G., com. mer.commission merchant , 18 Front, resresidence Walnut betbetween Fifth
and Sixth
Graham, D. W., clothing store , 82 nnorth First, resresidence Collins
Grahell, William, clerk , 17 Franklin avavenue
Graeter, M., beer house , 227ssouth Second
Grainger, William, clerk , 57 Elm
Graister, John, teamster , Lafayette near Carondelet avavenue
Grammar, John J., pilot , 23 Gay
Grammlish, J. N., shoe maker , Tenth betbetween Soulard and Lafayette
Granill, John, laborer , 230 nnorth Second
Granger, John, M. D. , occulist, 64 Washington avavenue
Granger, William, clerk , 23 nnorth First
Granger, Barlow, printer , 16 Chesnut
Grant, John, bricklayer , Mullanphy near Second
Grant, William, butcher , Broadway near Spring
Grant, George, bricklayer , Collins near Columbia
Grant, Martin, laborer , Fifth near Florida
Grant, Lewis, boatman , 170 Green
Grantham, F. P., clerk , 150 nnorth Third, resresidence Thirteenth near Wash
Grantham, Samuel A., clerk , Thirteenth near Wash
Graser, Nicholas, barber , 104ssouth Second
Grass, Bernard, tailor , corcorner Tenth and Green
Grater, Barton, editor . First near Florida
Gratiot, Charles, student , 120 nnorth Third
Grauser, Ernst, carpenter , alley betbetween Third and Fifth,ssouth Convent
Graves, Thomas, 92 Mulberry
Gray, Charles, furniture store , 72 Morgan, resresidence 2d near Morgan
Gray, Nathan M., tailor , corcorner Fifteenth and Gay
Gray, Thomas, blacksmith , 90 nnorth Second
Gray George E. H. & Co. , exchange banking house, 128 nnorth First
Gray, Melvin L., [F. & G.] 56 Pine
Gray, Thomas, collector of customs , 4 Green, resresidence corcorner Biddle
and Collins
Gray, William H., editor St. Louis Price Current
Gray, Edward, laborer , 318 nnorth Seventh
Gray, Leonard F., tailor , 61 nnorth Second
Gray, Thomas, carpenter , alley betbetween Gratiot and Cerré, wwest Sixth
Gray, George, boiler maker , Mississippi Foundry
Gray, John, carpenter , 269 nnorth Seventh