The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
106 St. Louis Directory. HAN-HAR
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Handfield, James W., pattern maker , 24 Broadway
Handfield, Thomas, engineer , Morgan b Fifteenth and Sixteenth
Handley, Thomas, cabinet maker , Broadway oppopposite Reservoir
Hane, Charles, iron finisher , 87 Pine
Hanefeld, William, laborer , Seventh betbetween Rutger and Hickory
Hanger, Hermann, grocer , 207 nnorth Fourteenth
Hangaleber, William, wagon maker , Twelfth betbetween Franklin avavenue
and Wash
Hanick, Cornelius, porter , Cherry betbetween First and Second
Hanihohen, Ferdinand, cabinet maker , 332ssouth Third
Hanken, George, Bremer Tavern , 72 nnorth Third
Hanmore, Thomas, engineer , 156 Franklin avavenue
Hanmore, James, engineer , corcorner Tenth and Labeaume
Hannah, ——, book keeper , boards at 51ssouth First
Hannay, Robert M., clerk , 23 nnorth Front
Hanniken, Henry, founder , corcorner Ninth and Cerré
Hannon, Mrs. Mary, widow, (H. & F.) corcorner Third and Green
Hannon & Fortune , grocery store, 165 nnorth Third
Hansman, Christian, M. D. , 13 Franklin avavenue
Hanson, John, finisher , 301 Broadway
Hanson, Joseph L., grocer , corcorner Market and Seventh
Hanson, Joseph, harness maker , 67 nnorth Fourth, resresidence 142 nnorth Sixth
Hanson, John W., boards at 143ssouth Third
Haok, Barney, tailor , 117ssouth Second
Hape, Henry, lead factory , Thirteenth near Spruce
Hapendenlab, Francis, clerk , 160ssouth Third
Hapener, Henry, carpenter , corcorner Julia and Fulton
Haper, Henry, carpenter , Columbus near Lafayette
Happell, William, shoemaker , 99ssouth Second
Harbaugh, Oliver, 87 Pine
Harden, Lemuel, ship carpenter , Broadway near Mound
Harger, Mitchell, bricklayer , Jackson near Barry
Hardesty, Francis, moulder , 284 nnorth Eighth
Harding, James M., engineer and finisher , 288 nnorth Eighth
Harding, Robert, moulder , 123 nnorth Sixth
Hardison, John H., ship carpenter , corcorner Second and O’Fallon
Hardman, John, 123 nnorth Fifth
Hardt, Andrew, clerk , corcorner Myrtle and Second
Hardy & Pettus , drapers and tailors, 48 Olive
Hardy, James, (H. & P.) 48 Olive
Hare, Alexander, plasterer , Market betbetween Fourteenth and Fifteenth
Hare, George, baker , 116 Green
Haren, Edward, notary public , 16 nnorth Second, resresidence 259ssouth Fifth
Hargadine, William A., clerk , 99 nnorth First
Harig, Albert, hatter , 167 nnorth First
Harker, Pickering & Co.Company , commission merchants, corcorner Second
and Green