The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
St. Louis Directory. 107 HAR-HAR
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Harker, G. M., reporter of Union , Second betbetween Locust and Vine
Harker, John W., [H, P. & Co.] resresidence Virginia Hotel
Harless, Nicholas, laborer , Sidney near Easton
Harlow, W. M., (P. & W.] corcorner Washington avavenue and Third
Harlow, Blarsow, clerk , 168 nnorth Ninth
Harlow, Samuel, pilot , 168 nnorth Ninth
Harman, Patrick, laborer , cor Carr and Fifteenth
Harmany, Adolph, 254ssouth Second
Harms, Henry, saddler , Mullanphy near Lewis
Harney, Thomas, attorney , 42 Pine
Harnish, Gottfreid, shoemaker , 329ssouth Third
Harnunk, George, carpenter , 240 nnorth Eleventh
Harper, Frederick, laborer , rear 251 nnorth Ninth
Harper, Jacob, cordwainer , 130 nnorth First, resresidence 158 nnorth Sixth
Harper, David, cordwainer , 106 nnorth Second
Harper, Henry, huckster , 106 Morgan
Harper, J. W., Virginia Hotel
Harper, Mrs. W., boarding house , corcorner First and Mullanphy
Harrall, Sherman & Co.Company , saddle manufacturers, 129 nnorth First
Harrell, Pembroke, pilot , Broadway near Spring
Harrington, Arthur, tobacconist , 125ssouth Second
Harrington, George, liquor merchant , 200 nnorth First, resresidence Second
near Biddle
Harrington, William, boot and shoe maker , 12 Olive
Harriott, James, (E. & H.) 30 Collins
Harris, John, clothing store , 48½ Front
Harris, James, [c.] barber , 5ssouth Third
Harris, Maxwell, clerk , 58ssouth First
Harris, Philip, 158 Green
Harris, William, carpenter , 135 Market
Harris, Lichenstein, clothier , 60 nnorth Front, resresidence 92ssouth Third
Harris, Oliver, s b captain , Fifteenth near Market
Harris, Lewis, [c]147 Green
Harrison, James H., corcorner Eighth and Gratiot
Harrison, Joseph, huckster , Brooklyn near Nineteenth
Harrison, David, boarding house , 175 nnorth Seventh
Hars, John, clerk , 205 Broadway
Harsant & Edwards , architects, cor Wash and Eleventh
Harsant, Thomas, [H. & E.] 241 Wash
Hart, L. A., clothier , 86 nnorth Front
Hart George & Co.Company , tin and coppersmiths, 31 nnorth Second
Hart, George, (H. & Co.) tinner, corcorner Second and Olive
Hart, Thomas, carriage painter , 60 Morgan
Hart, James B., 134 Green
Hart, Oliver A., (B. & H.) corcorner Seventh and Pine
Hart, Jackson, beer house , 94ssouth Second
Hart, Alogsizes, bar keeper , corcorner Third and Walnut