The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
112 St. Louis Directory. HEN-HER
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Henrich, Henry, laborer , Soulard near Fulton
Henry, Andrew, carpenter , 325 nnorth Seventh
Henry, Michael, carpenter , corcorner Twelfth and Mullanphy
Henry W. P. & Co. , patent smut machine, 182 nnorth Second
Henry, William P., (H. & Co. ) Market betbetween Fifteenth and Six-
Henry & Perschbacker , bakers, 166 nnorth Eighth
Henry, Peter, (H. & P. ) 166 nnorth Eighth
Henry, Julian, M. D. , 126 Pine, resresidence 39 nnorth Sixth
Henry, James, laborer , 166 Wash
Henrtz, Felix, soda factory , s Fourth
Henschen, Henry, carman , 207 Carr
Hensey, William, Missouri Hotel
Hensley, John, carpenter , corcorner Fifteenth and Gay
Hensmeier, Henry, laborer , Ninth near Benton
Henson, John, (K. & H. ) Second near Montgomery
Henwood, John, hat and cap store , 37 Market
Heper, John, beer house , corcorner Fourteenth and Wash
Hepp, Edward, (W. & Co. ) City Hotel
Hepp, Leonard, laborer , Seventh near Rutgers
Hequembourg, William, clerk , 60 Market
Hequembourg, Charles, jewellers , 22 nnorth Second
Hequembourg, Theodore, jewellers , 22 nnorth Second
Hequembourg, George W., jewellers , 22 nnorth Second
Herbers, Bernard, tailor , O’Fallon near Tenth
Herbert, Edward, painter , 55 Olive
Herbert, Jacob, laborer , Second near Wood
Herbkersmann, William, grocer , cor Carr and Thirteenth
Herbet, John, shoe maker , Carondelet avavenue near Duchouquette
Hercules, Casper, carpenter , corcorner Ninth and Soulard
Hercules, Joseph, soda factory , Seventh betbetween Marion and Barry
Herdvick, John H., tailor , Columbus betbetween Barry and Miller
Hereford, Elizabeth, widow, Paul near Chouteau avavenue
Herget, Mrs. Margaret, brewer , corcorner Lami and Columbus
Hering, Charles, weigher , 308ssouth Fifth
Herker, Henry, laborer , Columbus betbetween Barry and Miller
Hermann, John, baker , Broadway near Chambers
Hermann, Joseph, coffee house , 195 nnorth Third
Hermann, Charles, St. Charles near Tenth
Hermann, Bernard, upholsterer , 178ssouth Fourth
Hermann, Simon, barber , 177ssouth Second
Hermann, John, rag merchant , Gay betbetween Fifteenth and Sixteenth
Herold, Peter, shoemaker , 213 Franklin avavenue
Herpse, A., [T. & H. ] 71 Pine
Herreford, William S., clerk , 82 nnorth Third
Herrick, Stephen H., merchant , 12 Front, resresidence corcorner Olive and