The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Advertisement Directory. 269
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T. J.Albright, ,
No. 21 Chesnut Street, Saint Louis, Mo.

[missing figure]

Manufacturer and Importer of
Guns, Pistols, Rifles, &C.

Furniture Warehouse ,
No. 81 Market Street,
St. Louis.

Stillman D.Willis,

Having established himself permanently at the above premises,
will keep constantly on hand and offers at wholesale and
retail, a very extensive assortment of all kinds of Splendid
Furniture; of which he has the most recent style and greatest
variety in the west.

Country and city purchasers are invited to call and examine
his stock.

I. B. Burbbayge’s
Ten Years Old Established Office of
Intelligence, Information,
and General Agency .

Situations procured. Agencies and Wants, of all kinds,
brought about.

Post paid letters, with $1, soliciting information on any business,
will receive a return answer.

☞ Any citizen can tell you in what part of the city my
office is located. Address,

I. B. Burbbayge

, General Agent ,
St. Louis, Mo.