The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
276 Advertisement Directory.
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Hook & Miller ,
Wholesale and Retail
Clothiers & Drapers,
No. 69 South Second Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

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Mill Stones

G. & C. Todd ,
North First
Main St.,
St. Louis,
(Near the Missouri Hotel,)
Importers and Manufacturers of
Mill Materials,
Bolting Cloths,
Mill Stones, Iron Screws, &c.

Harry of the West
Coffee House ,
NicholasBrazeau, and LouisHoward, ,
43 Front Street.

JacobKleiber, ,
Cabinet & Coppin Maker ,
No. 106 Carondelet Avenue,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Manufactures and keeps on hand a general assortment of
Furniture, viz: Tables, Bedsteads, Lounges, Stands, Cupboards,
and Coffins. Work made to order and with despatdh, at the
shortest notice.