The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
288 Advertisement Directory.
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St. Louis
Insurance Company .

Capital Stock, paid up and unimpaired, $100,000, with priv-
ilege of increasing to $500,000.

Office South-East Corner Olive and First.


EdwardTracy, ,
J. E.Yeatman, ,
RobertCampbell, ,
KennethMackenzie, ,
Edward J.Gay, ,
G. K.M’Gunnegle, ,
EdwardBrooks, ,
LymanFarweell, ,
William T.Christy, ,
N.Berthoud, ,
AdolphusMeier, ,
N. E.Janney, ,
A. G.Switzer, .

Geo. K. M’Gunnegle

, President .

L. B. Clark

, Secretary .

Petruse & Co.Company ,
No. 15 South Second Street,
Distillers, and Wholesale and Retail
Dealers in
Domestic and Foreign Liquors,
Cordials, Syrups, &c.

Wines, Liquors, &c.

Eau Verte Stomachique; Maraschino; Anisette; Curacoa;
Cordials, assorted; Cognac; Kirschwasser; Brandy; Peach
Brandy; Extrait d’Absinthe; Kumin; Gin; Syrups, of all
kinds; Peppermint; Bitters.

N. B. Every article sold by this Establishment is warranted;
and, if found defective, may be returned.

Chas. Wolff & Co.Company ,
Manufacturers of the
Latest Improved Cooking Stoves,
195 N. First Street, St. Louis.