The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
298 Advertisement Directory.
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Wm.William T.Knapp, ,
Blank Book Manufacturer ,
in the Republican Office Building,
16 Chesnut Street,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Blank Books of all kinds, furnished at short notice.

Libraries fitted up and repaired, and every description of
Binding executed promptly, upon reasonable terms.

Burd, Rucker & Co.Company ,
No. 45 North First Street, St. Louis, Missouri,
Manufacturers of
Copper, Tin and Sheet-Iron
Lead Pipe, Sheet Lead,
☞ Bells, weighing from 20 to 400 pounds, ☜
Brass Castings, Beer and Soda Pumps,
General Stove Dealers.

E. P.Perkins, ,
Whitening & Wall Coloring ,
No. 119 North Fifth Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Orders left at his residence, or with Messrs. Wilgus & Watson, will receive prompt attention.

Arsenal Park,
by Bartholomew,
Near the Arsenal.

Wine, Beer, Soda, and Refreshments of all kinds.