The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
viii Churches.
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First Congregational , Fourth, corner of Pine, Rev.Reverend Wm.William G. Eliot.
Second Church , corner of Sixth and Locust, Rev.Reverend Dr. Lynd.
Baptist Church , Fifth between Washington avenue and Green.
Campbellite, corner of Sixth and Franklin avenue.
Christ Church , corner of Fifth and Chesnut, Rev.Reverend Cicero Hawkes.
St. John’s , Fifth, corner ot Spruce, Rev.Reverend Mr. Griswold.
St. Paul’s , corner of Fifth and Wash, Rev. M. Tomes.
Grace Church .
St. George’s , Locust between Seventh and Eighth, Rev.Reverend E. C.
Roman Catholic.
Cathedral, Walnut, between Second and Third.
St. Xavier , Ninth and Green.
St. Patrick’s , Sixth and Biddle.
St. Joseph’s , Tenth and Biddle.
St. Vincent de Paul.
Chapel, corner Third and Fourth.
Chapel, corner Sixteenth and Chesnut.
Swedenborgian, Corner of Fifth and Locust.
German Protestant.
Methodist , Wash between Tenth and Eleventh.
Methodist , St. George.
German Reformed , Jackson and —— streets, Rev.Reverend Mr. Baltzer.
German Reformed , corner Fifteenth and Carr, Rev. Mr. Reece.
German Reformed , Seventh between Elm and Myrtle, Rev.Reverend Mr. Picker.
Evangelical Lutheran , Lombard between Third and Fourth, Rev.Reverend Mr.
Evangelical Lutheran , corner of Franklin avavenue and Twelfth.