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Bread & Cracker
No. 300 Morgan and 21 Commercial Sreets,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Joseph Garneau
Keeps constantly for sale, on the best terms, Pilot and Navy Bread; Sugar,
Butter, Soda, Boston, Water, and Ginger Crackers,
Milk Biscuit, &c.
N.B. Merchants' and Steamboat orders punctually attended to.

J. Wolf'S
St. Louis Stea, Bakery,
No. 32 Green Street.

Biscuits, Crackers, Navy And Pilot Bread,
Equal to any made in the United States, always on hand and for sale by
J. Wolf.

CharlesHolmes, ,
Cracker Bakbrt,
Factory No. 105 Green Street,
Depot, corner Commercial and Vine Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Pilot Bread,
Boston, Soda, Butter, Water and Sugar
And Wine Biscuit,
Constantly on hand, made of the best materials, and warranted
A Superior Article.