Green's St. Louis directory :
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A General Directory of the City of St. Louis for the year 1851,
and the third of the kind by the same author, is now before the
St. Louis public.

In its compilation, it was the study and the effort of the author
to render it deserving of their patronage. For the information it
contains, he has personally knocked at every door, or rung every
door-bell in the city. Every name has been procured that possibly
could be procured, which would have been proper subject of direc-
torial record. The greatest care has been exercised in procuring
the proper spelling of surnames, and of the Christian name in full,
and in the arrangement of both in the most perfect dictionary order;
so that, to find a name instantaneously, it is only necessary to know
the proper spelling, and how to find a word in a dictionary.

At the time of this present writing, the precise number of the
names it contains, is not known; but it will be in the vicinity of
16,500. The net number will be stated at the end of the list of
names, or some subsequent part of the volume.

A large quantity of useful local and statistical matter, collected
or prepared for this work, was consumed by the fire that occurred
on Chesnut street, on the night of the 25th October, where this
work was then being printed, and want of time to replace the same
has been the cause of their omission altogether.

It were to be hoped, that with the preceding, the prefatory re-
marks to this publication might have been concluded; but I have
to regret that such is not the fact, and to my increased regret, I fear
that I will be under the necessity of becoming somewhat volumi-
nous and prolix upon the subject in hand.

I have been exceedingly perplexed in deciding upon the number
of copies of which this edition should be composed. I arrogate to
myself the prerogative of being the judge as to who, in all this
city, ought to patronize Directories, and who might be excused. I
know to within a dozen how many of the former there are, but I do
not know how many of them will patronize it. Four years ago I pub-
lished eleven hundred copies of Directory, and sold six hundred;
and ever since that time I have been afraid of over-issues. I do