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may be enquired for by an actual gentleman; therefore, to leave
such out, would be the rendering of a Directory but partial and

But if I am sustained on this occasion to a reasonable — not to
say a merited extent—(for this I cannot be, only having made pro-
vision for a reasonable patronage,) it is my intention to continue
this publication from year to year; and if I do, I will invariably
publish their names in an appendix at the end of the book, and
those of my patrons in their proper places in the body of the
work, in capitals, as is the custom in the East. But that there
may be no difficulty in finding the whereabouts of these our appen-
dix fellow-citizens, I will also insert their names at their proper
places in the body of the work, but in the following form :
"Gripus, Jonadab. See Appendix."

and in the appendix insert their names, business, and locations at
length, thus:

"GripusJonadab, , wh.gio. and com.commission aiercti. , 987 n Fourth."

By these means the latter will know to whom to apply for charity,
and the veritable patron to whom to be charitable; and thus, by
his good works, secure to himself the beatific experience, that "it
is more blessed to give than to receive."

I ask the reader's pardon for this long reference to a very
"numerous and respectable" class. I could not be more brief,
though I might, with equal pertinency, have been much more
voluminous. But I have disposed of this particular subject for all
time to come.

The Publisher.