Green's St. Louis directory :
St. Louis Directory. 147 GRE-GRO
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Greibe, Adam, laborer , rear 255 nnorth Ninth
Grelle, Bane, shoemaker , 180 Biddle
Gren, Henry, laborer , eseast side Eleventh, ssouth of Market
Grendolf, John, shoemaker , 11 nnorth Third
Grener, John, laborer , eseast side Ninth, nnorth of Biddle
Gresham, James, post clerk , St. Louis Arsenal
Greve, Caspar, carter , 311 ssouth Third
Greve, John F., city segar store , nwnorthwest corcorner Third and St. Charles
Greve, Peter, segar maker , 48 Franklin avavenue , up stairs
Grewe, Henry, wagon maker , 48 Franklin avavenue , up stairs
Grey, Thomas, blacksmith , 92 nnorth 2d, dwsesoutheast corcorner 19th & Morgan
Gridley, John B., wh. wines and liquors , 77 nnorth Commercial
Grieshamer, Frederick, plasterer , 240 nnorth Eleventh
Grieshamer, Matthias, cooper , sssouth side Biddle, betbetween 16th and 17th
Griesser, Xavier, (G. & Sielling,) 117 nnorth Second
Griesser & Sielling "Frederick Hall," 117 nnorth Second
Griest, Peter, carpenter , nsnorth side Wright, betbetween Broadway and Ninth
Griffin, Michael, laborer , wswest side Centre, ssouth of Market
Griffin, Patrick, boarding house , 8 Cherry
Griffin, Timothy, laborer , rear 127 ssouth Main
Griffin, Thomas, riverman , 116 nnorth Tenth, up stairs
Griffith, Archibald, drayman , 290 ssouth Third
Griffith, E.Smith, book keeper at nenortheast corcorner Fifth & St. Charles
Griffith, John, pork cnrer , eseast side Main, betbetween Florida & Mullanphy
Griffith, John, nsnorth side Christy avavenue , betbetween Sixteenth and Seventeenth
Griffith, John, teamster , nsnorth side Market, betbetween 12th and 13th
Griffith, Thomas H., steamboat Wisconsin.wswest side Collins , n of Carr
Grigg, John, boarding house , 129 Green
Griggs, George W., clerk , eseast side Fifth, betbetween Carr and Biddle
Grime, Richard, blacksmith , sssouth side Franklin avavenue , betbetween 24th & 25th
Grimes, Green, spice manufacturer , nwnorthwest corcorner 7th and Gratiot
Grimes, Patrick, laborer , eseast side Lewis, betbetween Mason and Florida
Grimes, Thomas, butcher , nsnorth side Morgan, betbetween 16th and 17th
Grimes, William L., pilot , secorcorner 18th and Franklin avavenue
Grimm, Francis, blacksmith , 142 ssouth Second, up stairS
Grimm, John, blacksmith , 142 ssouth Second
Grimsley, John J., (G. & Co.Company ) 47 ssouth Fourth
Grimsley, Thornton, (G. & Co.Company ) 47 ssouth Fourth
Grimsley T. & Co.Company , saddles, trunks, harness, &c. , 68 nnorth Main
Grinnell, John, laborer , opp 225 nnorth Second
Grissom, James, druggist , swsouthwest corcorner Broadway and Monroe
Grissom, James, umbrella maker , 120 Market
Grodefend, Henry, segar maker , 22 Plum
Grœneman, Frederick, laborer , 170 Biddle, up stairs
Grœninger, John, family grocer , nenortheast corcorner Third and Lombard
Grœsche, John, shoemaker , 158 ssouth Third, up stairs
Grœsch, Sebastian, laborer , wswest side DeKalb, betbetween Barton & Victor
Groff, Andrew, butcher , sssouth side Plum, eeast of Main