Green's St. Louis directory :
St. Louis Directory. 151 HAG-HAL
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Hageder, Henry, laborer , sssouth side Hickory, betbetween Fifth and Seventh
Hagelstein, Conrad, laborer , nsnorth side Rutger, on alley, betbetween 6th & 7th
Hageman, Jacob, blacksmith , nwnorthwest corcorner Sixth and Cerre
Hageman, John, porter , wswest side Ninth, betbetween Davis and O'Fallon
Hageman, Peter, baker , nwnorthwest corcorner Sixth and Cerre
Hagemeier, William, laborer , wswest side Main, ssouth of Columbia
Hagen, George, laborer , 275 ssouth Fifth, up stairs
Hagerman, Herman, tailor , 313 ssouth Third
Hagelstein, —, carpenter , wswest side Seventh, nnorth of Park avavenue
Haggerty, Edward, teamster , 151 Carr
Haggerty, George R., pilot , boards at City Hotel
Hagarty, James, shoemaker , 65 Cherry
Hagerty, James, laborer , rear 214 nnorth Eighth
Haggerty, Robert A., commission merchant , 120 nnorth Second
Hague, James, (Daft & H.) n of Franklin avavenue , on alley, bet
Tenth and Eleventh
Hahn, George, laborer , sssouth side Carroll, eeast of Rosatti
Hahn, George, shoemaker , sssouth side Wood, eeast of Carondelet avavenue
Hahn, George, engineer , wswest side Main, betbetween Howard and Mound
Hahn, Henry, laborer , eseast side Hamtramck, ssouth of Marion
Hahn, Henry, sssouth side Sidney, eeast of Carondelet av
Hahn, Jacob, laborer , wswest side Broadway, betbetween Wright and Soft
Hahn, John, carpenter , wswest side Linn, nnorth of Emmett
Hahn, John, laborer , wswest side Carondelet avavenue , wwest of Soulard
Haight, Dugald C., (F.M. & D.C.H.) eseast side 5th, nnorth of Cerre
Haight, Fletcher M., (F.M. & D.C.H.) eseast side 5th, nnorth of Cerre
Haight F.M. & D.C. , attorneys , 18 Olive, up stairs
Haines, John L., book keeper at 59 nnorth Water
Haislip, Alexander, sssouth side Morgan, betbetween Sixteenth and Seventeenth
Hak, Lewis, cook , sssouth side O'Fallon, on alley, betbetween Eighth & Ninth
Hake, Frederick William, eseast side Menard, ssouth of Lafayette
Hake, Herman, huckster , rear 79 Franklin avavenue
Hakman, Henry, laborer , eseast side Fourteenth, betbetween Davis & O'Fallon
Halbruker, David, laborer , 163 ssouth Fourth
Haldeman, William, laborer , wswest side Ninth, betbetween Davis & O'Fallon
Haldent, Andreas, sausage maker , rear 312 ssouth Fifth, on alley
Haider, Alfred, engineer , wswest side Twentieth, ssouth of Franklin avavenue
Hale, Catharine, widow, nwnorthwest corcorner Sixth and Market
Hale, Edward, dentist , 95 Washington avavenue
Hale, James, glass manufact'rmanufacturer , nsnorth side Benton, betbetween Broadway & 2d
Hale, Joseph, clerk at 70 and 72 nnorth Main
Hale, —, widow, eseast side Thirteenth, betbetween Pine and Chesnut
Haler, William, laborer , 348 nnorth Seventh
Haley, Benjamin, carpenter , wswest side Sixteenth, ssouth of Market
Haley, Charles, riverman , 127 nnorth Seventh
Haley, Dennis, laborer , 241 Carr
Haley, William, boarding house , 202 Green