Green's St. Louis directory :
St. Louis Directory. 157 HAR-HAU
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Hartnett, John, laborer , wswest side Second, nnorth of O'Fallon
Hartoben, Bernard, milkman , aecorcorner Columbus and Soulard
Hartoff, Frederick, laborer , sssouth side Convent, on alalley
, betbetween 3rd and 4th
Hartry, William, tailor , 22 ssouth Tenth, up stairs
Hartweig, August, cabinet maker , wswest side 14th, betbetween Carr and Wash
Harvey, David A., police , 7 Rutger
Harvey, George, (H. & Stewart, sesoutheast corcorner Main and Pine
Harvey, Francis, riverman , rear 254 Market, on alley
Harvey, John29 Hazel
Harvey, Patrick, mason , se
corcorner Main and Pine
Harvey & Stewart auctioneers and commission merchants ,
rear 317 ssouth Second
Heis, Henry, carpenter , nwnorthwest corcorner 12th and Randolph
Haselden, Charles, shoemaker , nwnorthwest corcorner 12th and Randolph
Haseltine, William B., leather , hides and findings, 210 nnorth Main
Hasenstab, Sebastian, carpet weaver , 334 ssouth Fifth
Haskell, John, riverman , 219 Franklin avavenue
Haskell, Stephen, (H. & Co.) , 128nMain
Haskell & Co.Company , exchange bankers , 128 nnorth Main
Haskett, John, laborer , nsnorth side Columbia, eeast of Broadway
Haskin, Alexander L., telegraph office, swsouthwest corcorner Main and Olive,
Headline Will,am B.. leather, hidae and hading*. 210 a Maia
Haskin, Joseph, carpenter , rear 181 Franklin avavenue
Haslam, Mrs.Jane, gents furnishing store , 23 nnorth Fourth
Haslam, John, teacher , 23 nnorth Fourth
Hasler, Lewis, segars and fruit
Haslett, Monroe, riverman , s of Clark avavenue , on alley, betbetween Sev-
enth and Eighth
Hasse, Edward, Deputy County Recorder , s wing court house
Hassendeubel, Francis, clerk in Surveyor General's office , 87
Chestnut, up stairs
Hassey, Francis A., clerk at 182 Broadway
Hassfurther, George, carpenter , at Morgan, betbetween l6th and 17th
Hassfurther, Lawrence, weaver , sssouth side Morgan, betbetween l6th and 17th
Haster, Adam, bricklayer , nsnorth side Emmett, eeast of Jackson
Hastings, Eliza, 6 Cerre
Hastings, Leverett S., tinware, stoves, &c. , 89 nnorth Third, dw 233
Hatch, Jonathan [c]carpenter , 196 ssouth Third
Hatch, William G., m.d. , 92 Cheanut, up stairs
Hatchell, James, laborer , eseast side Main betbetween Bates and Smith
Hatman, Frederick, tailor , wswest side Sixteenth, nnorth of Biddle
Hatton, John, "Beverly House'', bar-keeper , corcorner 6th & Market
Hatton, John, carpenter , wswest side Fourteenth, betbetween Carr and Biddle
Hatton, Thomas, laborer , 289 nnorth Ninth
Hauck, Charles, m.d. , 22 ssouth Second, up stairs
Hauck, Joseph, laborer , eseast side Fulton, ssouth of Barry