Green's St. Louis directory :
158 St. Louis Directory. HAU-HAY
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Hauck, Nicholas, shoemaker , 123 Franklin avavenue
Hauck, Peter, whitewasher , rear 384 ssouth Fifth
Haugh, James, riverman , 285 nnorth Twelfth
Haugh, Martin, laborer , 117 St. Charles
Haughton, —, (H. & Hough,) 17 ssouth Fifth
Haughton & Hough m.d.'s , 17 ssouth Fifth
Hauk, Conrad, carpenter , nsnorth side Barry, eeast of Jackson
Haukemeyer, Caspar, (C. Meyer it Co.Company ) nsnorth side Market, betbetween Four-
teenth and Fifteenth
Haud, Miss Francis, rear 239 Carondelet avavenue
Haupel, Anton, cooper , on alley rear 312 ssouth Fifth
Haupt, Diederich, laborer , wswest side Ninth, ssouth of Benton
Haupt, Henry, " St. Louis Exchange," 6 s Main
Haupt, Jacob, barber , 354 ssouth Second
Haupt, Jacob, grocer , wswest side Carondelet avavenue , near Lespcrance
Haus, Daniel, carpenter , wswest side St. Ange, nof Park avavenue
Haus, John D., tobacconist , nsnorth side Spruce, betbetween Fifth and Sixth
Hausman, William, miller , n of Myrtle, on al betbetween Main & 2d
Hauschuld, Herman, rope maker , wswest side Columbus, ssouth of Victor
Haven, Charles H., attorney , 34 Chesnut, up stairs
Haven, Otis." Bazaar Livery Stable,," 90 Olive, dw 150 Pine
Havens, Jonathan C., (Porter & Havens,) 67 nnorth Fifth
Havens, Washington H., clerk at 86 nnorth Fourth
Haverty, John, clerk in office Indian affairs , 121 Chesnut
Hawe, William, cooper , nsnorth side Market, betbetween Twelfth and Thirteenth
Hawes, Frederick, clerk at 163 nnorth Main
Hawes, —, engineer , wswest side Collins, nnorth of Ashley
Hawken, Samuel, gunsmith , 37 Washington avavenue , dw 156 nnorth Sixth
Hawkins, Horatio B., (Pawley & H.) 198 Pine
Hawkins, Maria [c]nsnorth side Almond, betbetween Fourth and Fifth
Hawkins, Samuel, carpenter , eseast side Jackson, nnorth of Carroll
Hawkins, Samuel, nsnorth side Biddle, betbetween Fifteenth and Sixteenth, upsupstairs
Hawks Rt., Rev.Reverend Cicero S., sssouth side Chesnut, betbetween Fifth and Sixth
Hawley, Benj. F., spice manfrr. , nsnorth side Christy, betbetween 19th and 20th
Hay, Christopher, (H. & W.) 155 ssouth Second
Hay & Wagner "National Brewery," 155 ssouth Second
Hayden, Maria, sssouth side Pine, betbetween Fifteenth and Sixteenth
Hayden & Wilson saddlery and coach hardware , nsnorth side Pine, bet
Main and Second
Hayen, Henry, (Benefeld & H.) 195 Franklin avavenue
Hayes, Bernard F., clerk at 160 nnorth Main
Hayman, Samuel R., miller , secorcorner Eighth and St. Charles
Hayne, John, drayman , 226 Green
Haynes, William, engineer , 17 Gay
Hays Christian & George , meat cellar , 6 Washington avavenue
Hays, Christopher, laborer , 93 nnorth Sixth
Hays, George, butcher , sssouth side Franklin avavenue , wwest of Twenty-fourth