Green's St. Louis directory :
178 St. Louis Directory. HUT-ISC
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Hutton, Robert, bookseller , 38 Chesnut
Hyde, George, cabinet maker , 99 Franklin avavenue
Hyde, George A., attorney , dwsesoutheast corcorner Tenth and N. Market
Hyde, George W., clerk , at 22 nnorth Water
Hyde, Isaactailor , nsnorth side Market, wwest of Tenth, up stairs
Hyde, James, riverman , 216 nnorth Eleventh, up stairs
Hyde, John, blacksmith , eseast side Main, nnorth of Ashley
Hyde, Michael, baker , 144 Green
Hyde, Samuel T., (Bacon, H. & Co.Company ) 76 nnorth Fifth
Hyde, William B., 87 nnorth Main
Hyer, Nathaniel F., (H. & Bushey.) 95 ssouth Main
Hyer & Bushey surveyors and civil engineers , 107 Chesnut
Hyman, Alexander, brick maker , wswest side 24th, ssouth of Franklin avavenue
Hynes, George, baker , sssouth side Dock, wwest of Broadway
Hynes, John, cooper , nenortheast corcorner Main and Bates, up stairs
Hynes, John, laborer , rear 91 Mulberry
Ianni, John, riverman , nsnorth side Mullanphy, eeast of Main
Iackie, Martin, nsnorth side Hempstead, wwest of Broadway
Icenhower, Andrew, carpenter , 189 nnorth Seventh
Iecko, Joseph, attorney , 92 Chesnut
Iland, John, laborer , sssouth side Convent, on alley betbetween 3d and 5th
Iles, Mary, widow, 270 nnorth Seventh
Illig, George P., watchmaker , 221 ssouth Second
Illiger, Bertha, widow, 18 nnorth Seventh
Illinois and Mississippi Telegraph , swsouthwest corcorner Main & Olive, upsupstairs
Immele, Michael, shoemaker , 104 Franklin avavenue
Indest, Joseph, engineer , eseast side Sixth, ssouth of Cerre
Indian Affairs office , D. D.Mitchell, , superintend't , 121 Chesnut
Inglee, Wilson, drayman , nsnorth side Biddle, wwest of Thirteenth
Ingles, Thomas, printer , Republican office, 11 Chesnut
Ingrem, Samuel, police , 201 Market
Inott, William, porter , rear 222 nnorth Twelfth
Insurance Company of North America , E. Brooks, Agent , se
cor Main and Olive
Intelligencer, (St. Louis,) Yeatman & Co.Company , about 18 Olive
Iobman, Frederick, laborer , nenortheast corcorner 12th and O'Fallon, upsupstairs
Iredell, Geoffry, barber , &c., 62 Chesnut, dwnsnorth side Randolph, wwest
of Twelfth
Irving, James T., clerk , 60 Locust
Irwin, Atchison, drayman , 46 St. Charles
Irwin, John, waiter , 46 St. Charles
Irwin, Joseph, clerk at 98 nnorth Main
Isaacs, Adolph, (Jacks & I.) 50 nnorth Main
Isaacs, Isaac, tailor , eseast side Collins, nnorth of O'Fallon
Isaacs, Lazarus, clothier , nwnorthwest corcorner Broadway and Morgan
Ische, Henry, blacksmith , 86 Chesnut