Green's St. Louis directory :
St. Louis Directory. 183 JOH-JON
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Johnson, Patrick, laborer , ws Eighth,n of O'Fallon
Johnson, Robert, engineer , nsnorth side Franklin avavenue , wwest of Fourteenth
Johnson, Richard P., M.D. , sssouth side Washington av,avenue wwest of Eighth
Johnson, Samuel B., carpenter , 146 nnorth Eleventh
Johnson, Thomas, blacksmith , nwnorthwest corcorner Broadway and Brooklyn
Johnson, Thomas, blacksmith , nsnorth side Washington av,avenue wwest of 15th
Johnson, William H., drayman , nwnorthwest corcorner Ninth and Webster
Johnson, William T., book keeper , eseast side Ham,ssouth of Chouteau
Johnson, William M., bricklayer , 208 nnorth Ninth, up stairs
Johnson, William, barber , 101 ssouth Fourth
Johnston, Andrew, 158 nnorth Eighth
Johnston, James, carpenter , 97 Franklin avavenue
Johnston, James, clerk , 162 nnorth Third
Johnston, John, 181 nnorth Ninth
Johnston, John, architect , 111 Olive, up stairs
Johnston, Robert A., (J. & Campbell,) nsnorth side St. Charles, wwest of
JohnstonSamuel, Jr., hat and cap store , 108 nnorth Main
Johnston, Thomas, secorcorner Eighteenth and Morgan
Johnston, William, 156 nnorth Eighth
Johnston, William, M.D. , 114 Market, up stairs
Johnston, William, M.D. , 78 Chesnut, up stairs
Johnston & Campbell 151 n Second
Johnstone, Peter W., Justice and Notary Public , 40 Pine, dw
67 ssouth Fourth
Joiner, Elizabeth, confectioner , 191 Morgan
Jokel, Adam, laborer , sssouth side Convent, eeast of Fifth
Jokost, Michael, carter , nenortheast corcorner Linn and Calhoun
Jones, Agnes, widow, secorcorner Thirteenth and Spruce
Jones, Algernon S., commission merchant , 19 nnorth Water, dw 152
n Sixth
Jones, Benjamin, bricklayer , wswest side Seventeenth, nnorth of Biddle
Jones, Benjamin, riverman , 148 Carr
Jones, Charles G., stoves, tinware, &c , wswest side Main, ssouth of Pine
Jones, Rev.Reverend Charles I., nsnorth side Green, betbetween Second and Third
Jones, Clara, widow, 45 Spruce
Jones, Eugene C, clerk al C. G. Jones', wswest side Main, nnorth of Chesnut
Jones, Edward, secorcorner Ninth and Jefferson
Jones, Francis, Special State and County Collector , Court-
house, dwnsnorth side Chesnut, wwest of Twelfth
Jones, George T., blacksmith , 190 nnorth Fifth, up stairs
Jones, George W., (Clapp & J.) 12 ssouth Main
Jones, Isaac E., druggist , 126 nnorth Third
Jones, Isaac S., clerk at 55 and 56 nnorth Water
Jones, James, riverman , nsnorth side Benton, eeast of Broadway
Jones, James W., clerk at 59 nnorth Water
Jones, Jefferson S., (Shackelford & Co.Company ,) 64 nnorth Main